Dauphin CEU: The Open Office Dichotomy

The majority of the work force (68%) now works in open offices and half of their workload is collaborative in nature. But what about the other half—the work that requires a quiet area to focus on higher level tasks? All that collaborating in the office creates distractions for those who are working on other projects.

That’s where Dauphin steps in with its new AIA and IDCEC accredited CEU “Addressing Workplace Distractions in the Open Office”. The CEU covers the types of office distractions, how they affect performance and the best strategies to address those distractions and improve productivity and overall wellness in the workplace.

Furniture Solutions That Address The Open Office Dichotomy

A CEU is not required to see the benefits of the Reefs modular system. Reefs serves the needs for collaborative furniture and at the same time offers acoustic and visual privacy solutions to aid staff who may be distracted by the collaboration taking place nearby.

  • Configure Reefs to accommodate various needs ranging from informal gathering places to traditional meeting areas with face-to-face sofas.
  • Add the Reefs acoustic screens to any configuration and buffer noise with a .55 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient).
  • Include additional side screens to a Reefs configuration to allow for more visual privacy.
  • Select different upholstery for seats, backrests and arms and pair them with black powder coat or oak legs to create a unique look for any space.
  • Create multiple Reefs configurations throughout an open office to accommodate different work styles including the Individual Work Sofa for those who really need to escape to a quiet island for focus work.

To learn more about Reefs or the CEU “Addressing Workplace Distractions in the Open Office” contact your local Dauphin sales representative or call 800-631-1186 to schedule a presentation.