Dauphin: Bosse Ion Cloud Eliminates Viruses and Bacteria

HumanDesign Insights: Harness the power of negative ions with Bosse Ion Cloud

The Bosse Ion Cloud takes the already state-of-the-art Bosse Acoustic Pods and Room-in-Room Systems to the next level of health and wellbeing.

Bosse’s Ion Cloud simulates nature by introducing negative ions into its enclosed environments. The Ion Cloud minimizes the risk of infection from airborne pathogens and improves air quality promoting general health, mental wellbeing and cognitive performance.

Bosse Ion Cloud effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria

The University of Leipzig studied the effectiveness of the Bosse Ion Cloud. Scientists added viruses and bacteria, in aerosol form, to an acoustic pod and activated the Bosse Ionizer. Research test results showed that the Ion Cloud reduced these viruses and bacteria by 95%.

The Ion Cloud’s negative ions are invisible, and the device is quiet and unobtrusive. Ion Cloud heads, on the ceiling of the enclosure, emit a subtle blue light when activated. (This image has been altered to show the emission of air, but in actuality, the Ion Cloud is not visible).

The Bosse Ionizer device is available with any of the Bosse Acoustic Pods and Room-in-Rooms and can also be retrofitted to some already installed Dauphin cube models.

What’s so good about negative ions?

Surprisingly, it’s the positive Ions that are the bad guys with a molecular composition that has been impacted by pollutants and pathogens. Conversely, negative ions are the super heroes that are naturally generated in our environment by plant life, ocean waves and waterfalls. Negative Ions clean the air by adhering to the positive ions, neutralizing and rendering them harmless.

With limited ways of acquiring the “good” negative ions, our interior environments are often compounded with large numbers of these “positive” ions in the air. When air contains under 16.4k negative ions per cubic inch (levels found in city air, office spaces and air-conditioned rooms), our bodies and minds begin to suffer adverse side effects including headaches, lack of energy or inability to focus.

The power of negative ions increases with the number of ions present. The higher the negative ions per cubic inch, the greater the benefit. A breath of “country air” at 16.4k negative ions per cubic inch is the minimum amount for “healthier” conditions. A trip to the mountain or the beach yields higher levels of negative ions that can boost the immune system. Even higher levels of negative ions destroy pathogens and enhance the healing of injuries.

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