DARRAN Launches Abacus Sound-Absorbing Screen Collection designed by DARRAN Studio.

DARRAN Furniture’s internal design studio has developed a line of sound absorbing room dividers / privacy screens for the commercial market.

“With the Abacus Collection, DARRAN Studio is demonstrating its commitment to developing innovative solutions that improve the workplace experience and empower businesses to create more appreciative, more productive, and healthier work environments for their employees.” – Matthew Agostinelli, Creative Director.

Developed with the modern open-plan office in mind, Abacus tackles the ever-present challenge of excessive auditory distractions, fostering a calmer, more focused work environment for employees.

Key Features:

Abacus utilizes innovative PET technology to absorb and dampen sound waves, reducing ambient noise and creating quieter, more private zones within open spaces. Available in a range of sizes, colors, and material finishes, the Abacus Collection seamlessly integrates into any environment, serving as both a functional sound barrier and a stylish aesthetic addition. The installation process consists of a simple series of assembly steps. Once assembled the screens can be easily moved where needed, ensuring a smooth integration into your workspace. DARRAN is committed to environmental responsibility. Abacus is crafted from pressed PET panels that consist of > 60% post consumer content and are 100% recyclable, steel tubing consisting of > 90% post consumer content and 100% recyclable and FSC certified Ash wood solids, to align with your company’s green values.


  • Improved Employee Productivity: Studies show that reduced noise levels lead to increased focus and concentration, boosting employee productivity and well-being.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Ababcus facilitates private conversations and meetings within open spaces, promoting effective communication and collaboration.
  • Reduced Stress: By mitigating noise pollution, Abacus creates a calmer and more relaxing work environment, reducing stress levels and improving employee morale.
  • Light and Airflow: The design of Abacus allows for light transmission between spaces as well as continuous airflow


Abacus is available for purchase starting February 20th 2024 through Dealers and Sales Representatives. Please see website for details and locations. darran.com


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