DARRAN has released Honey, a new collection that uses a 120° design to address varied work styles, privacy and well-being

DARRAN Furniture and designers Mark Müller and Christopher Wright are rethinking the open office with their new collection, Honey.

Honey workspace furniture addresses individual users’ needs, their varied work styles, privacy, and well-being. The space-efficient 120° planning grid creates a flowing geometry that meanders through a room with endless possibilities for configuring the workspace. Honey’s form is soft and rounded with curved compound surfaces. The panel height of 55″ gives the right amount of visual and sound privacy without overwhelming the space.

Honey offers open and closed collaborative zones, meeting spaces, lounge, or desking in sitting, standing, or height-adjustable adapting to the way you work. The entire system is elevated, providing improved air quality and natural heat dissipation from both people and equipment. It is universally height adjustable to allow individuals to work at any level they choose; as worksurfaces are adjusted upward, an integrated desktop screen maintains that physical break between people. Honey creates a sense of protected enclosure or safe-haven with more seated privacy.

“Knowing that you have a safe and productive space to occupy, which is both inspiring and functional, provides people with certainty in their workspace. When people are comfortable, they will thrive in a work environment.” – Mark Müller

The scale is generous, allowing up to 2 – 27″ monitors on a standard worktop. Power and data are integrated directly into Honey, allowing each user direct access to 4 power outlets and one telecom plate. Designers do not have to worry about powering equipment or getting connectivity to the right places; Honey does this with ease. Honey provides a complete solution for contemporary workstyles in a single system.

“There is an affinity for biophilia interiors and furnishings that reflect nature through form, materiality, texture, and color. Research shows that surrounding ones-self with a design that is inspired by nature inspires us all, and I believe Honey delivers on all counts.” – Christopher Wright

Müller and Wright have known one another for years and have always appreciated and admired each other’s work. Together their collaboration has brought a complementary and multi-disciplinary approach, conveying a wealth of design experience in furniture and furnishing corporate office interiors.

Link: https://www.darran.com/product/desks-workstations/honey


Mark Müller

For nearly three decades Mark Müller has designed and developed award-winning contract furnishings for both corporate, institutional, and learning environments. Müller’s approach to design reflects his innate understanding of materials and his lifelong appreciation of furniture that is beautiful, and superbly functional. Products designed by Mark Müller are industry leaders in settings that range from private and open-plan offices to meeting rooms of all sizes, and from training facilities to libraries.

Christopher Wright

Christopher is a British-born designer with extensive design experience in Europe and North America. With a Masters of Design from London’s Royal College of Art, his career journey has taken him to practice design in London, Paris, Montreal, and Toronto. His studio became one of the founding partners of figure3 in Toronto. As Design Principal of the partnership for 20 years, Christopher has been instrumental in the design of dynamic environments for brands such as Umbra, Universal Music, Nike, and British Airways. His furniture designs have been manufactured in France, Spain, and Canada. He consistently sets the highest standards of what is possible to envision and to achieve.


DARRAN Furniture is a family-owned and crafted team of furniture makers with production facilities in High Point, NC. Since 1977, we have been manufacturing quality desking solutions, tables, and seating products for the commercial, educational, financial, legal and government customers. As a woman-owned company, we believe diversity promotes innovation, creates new possibilities and partnerships fueling the economy.