DARRAN Furniture Unveils “Six” – A collection of thoughtful and considered occasional tables that are unexpected and delightful

DARRAN Furniture’s internal design studio has developed a beautifully unique collection of occasional tables designed to accentuate, elevate, and define spaces within the modern office and beyond.

DARRAN Furniture’s new “Six” collection looks beyond the typical round occasional table vocabulary. The collection’s hexagonal tabletops provide multi-faceted engagement points while varying heights and sizes allow for visually dynamic arrangements.

“The Six collection re-interprets the functionality of the round table archetype by realizing that hexagonal shapes offer the same utility, but do it with a more distinct and unique feel. This level of care and design provides a deeper and richer experience that elevates spaces and experiences” – Matthew Agostinelli, Creative Director, DARRAN

This collection incorporates a wide range of materials and finishes. From standard and fancy face veneers with rich warm finishes, to the soft touch of Fenix laminates and matching paints, the “Six” tables offer an evocative experience in texture and color. With multiple sizes available, from laptop tables to occasional and coffee tables, the “Six” collection is designed with sustainability in mind and is ideal for Higher Education, Hospitality, and Corporate environments. Each table features a precision-molded plywood base created from FSC-certified veneers.

With the “Six” collection, DARRAN Studio is demonstrating its commitment to developing innovative solutions that improve the workplace experience and empower businesses to create more appreciative, more productive, and healthier work environments for their employees.


The Six Collection is available for purchase starting February 20th, 2024 through Dealers and Sales Representatives. Please see the website for details and locations. darran.com


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