DARRAN Furniture Unveils “FION” – a new take on the classic wingback chair archetype

DARRAN, in partnership with Chrissy Fehan, announced the launch of a new take on the classic wingback chair archetype.

“In furniture there exists a delicate dance between the whimsical and the practical, where comfort meets artistry.”  Chrissy elevates these attributes in Fion and delicately balances them with just the right amount of whimsy and function. This is conveyed through the soft voluminous forms balanced on top of a unique and definitive base, further distancing Fion from traditional wingback archetypes. So many of today’s wingback chairs are masculine and trend towards being cold, impersonal, and derivative. Fion rejects these stereotypes associated with the wingback and is specifically designed for visual, physical, and emotional comfort. Fion is engineered to approach seating from a more open and feminine perspective and focuses on the nurturing reassurance of a gentle hug.

About the Designer:

Chrissy navigates the intersection of form and function. Her journey began at the College for Creative Design, where she honed her craft and later shared her expertise as an adjunct faculty member, teaching shoe illustration. From there, she delved into diverse design realms, from crafting innovative amphibious vehicles to shaping captivating interior spaces and furniture designs.

As the former Creative Director at Pophouse, Chrissy co-led a team of talented individuals, blending diverse perspectives to create bespoke experiences that captivated audiences. Now, she embarks on her own venture, partnering with furniture companies to infuse commercial spaces with whimsy and functionality.

Driven by her passion for innovative design, Chrissy’s mission is to cultivate holistic experiences that resonate with users on a profound level. With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, crafting spaces and experiences that inspire and elevate the human experience.


The Fion Wingback is available for purchase starting August 1st  2024 through Dealers and Sales Representatives. Please see website for details and locations.


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