DARRAN Furniture Unveils “Daydream, Uplift, and Heartfelt”, three new guest chairs designed by Alyssa Coletti

DARRAN, in partnership with Alyssa Coletti, announces the launch of three exquisitely crafted guest chairs.

This collection’s initiative is designed to put the “guest” back in “guest chair”, understanding the correlation that the value put into a space should be indicative of the value placed on its guests.  Daydream, Heartfelt, and Uplift are distinct and definitive while being subtle and soft with tailored upholstery, generous comfort, and detailed design execution.   They convey an investment and appreciation of each guest and the desire to make them feel welcomed and valued in any space.

About the Designer:

Alyssa’s design process is rooted in the principles of timelessness and longevity, while empathically providing elements to elevate the experience. “I imagine myself in the experience of the individual. What would fill my emotional and physical needs in this situation or environment? Comfort? Confidence? From that view, I look for a way to design an empathic answer to create that experience.”


Daydream, Uplift, and Heartfelt are available for purchase starting September 1st  2024 through Dealers and Sales Representatives. Please see website for details and locations.


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