Dallas-Based Concept Surfaces Launches Recycling Program to “Go Green,” Betters Bottom Line

2015.11.09.Nwy.Concept Surfaces.RecycleConcept Surfaces, an exclusive supplier of high-quality, hard-surface materials, recently launched its latest corporate social responsibility initiative – a recycling program that shreds 1,980 pounds of paper each week, which is then used as shipping material when samples are shipped to clients.  

The idea for this recycling program was conceived more than a year ago as the office was discussing corporate social responsibility initiatives. “We knew we wanted to a find way to take our existing recycling program to the next level, as we are an expanding business that goes through a lot of paper,” said Joshua Ozuna, a sales support coordinator now spearheading the initiative. “However, we wanted to recycle in a non-traditional manner and really focus on repurposing materials.”  

In order for the program to be a success, Ozuna had to gain the support of the entire Concept Surfaces team. To do so, Ozuna assembled a plan of action including costs and potential ROI’s and presented it to the management team. His presentation garnered total support.  

“I am extremely proud of Josh and our warehouse team, particularly Billy Johnson, for doing the leg work and taking on this new initiative,” said Geoffrey Gross, president and CEO of Concept Surfaces. “It truly shows the character and personality of Concept Surfaces’ outstanding team members. They have our full support.”  

CS Recycle 2To make it work, Concept Surfaces employees regularly gather all recyclable materials found in the showroom, warehouse and offices, including cardboard boxes, paper and even food containers. The materials are shredded and gathered into “shred bags,” which include labels encouraging clients to reuse them, and are then used to protect tile samples in packages Concept Surfaces sends to customers. In addition to their environmental friendliness, the bags provide for professional presentation and eliminate extra mess for clients. On average, Concept Surfaces fills 90 bags per week, each weighing approximately 22 pounds.  

Aside from giving back to the environment, the recycling program improves the company’s bottom line: by using the shredded paper to insulate packages with samples for clients, Concept Surfaces is able to lower the price of each box by using less bubble wrap, peanuts and other expensive shipping materials. According to Gross, shipping costs have decreased, and damage has gone down with no claims of breaking to date. In addition to the cost, typical packaging materials are less eco-friendly, making it a win-win situation and allowing the company to ensure an effective and efficient shipping process.  

“Both our current and potential clients have been very excited by the new program,” added Gross. “Giving back to the environment is a very important priority to many people and companies right now. We are glad to be a part of this movement.”  

Recently, Concept Surfaces has partnered with J&G Printing, a company with a longstanding relationship with Concept Surfaces. As it looks to expand the program, Concept Surfaces is open to partnering with other vendors interested in joining them on this new initiative.  

About Concept Surfaces  

Founded in 2005, Concept Surfaces is an exclusive importer of high quality, hard-surface materials headquartered in Dallas, Texas with representatives in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver. Concept Surfaces has built its reputation on providing a diverse selection of outstanding products such as porcelain tile, glass mosaics, hardwoods and luxury vinyls and prides itself on being conscious of budget and time, while ensuring superior service with each install. Experienced sales associates are trained to understand clients’ needs to help create exceptional projects with an unparalleled expertise that is top-tier in the industry. Concept Surfaces hand-selects a limited number of manufacturers from around the world that use only the highest quality of materials available.  

Its projects include everything from four-star restaurants to 20-story high-rises. Some of its clients include: Starbucks, Helzberg Diamonds, Hyatt Hotels, Neiman Marcus, Fossil, Bloomingdales and Hilton Hotels.  

Concept Surface’s showroom is located at 2414 Converse, Dallas, Texas 75207. For additional information, please visit www.conceptsurfaces.com or call 972.386.4900.