For Cutting-Edge Acoustics, Cerami Immersive™ Illuminates the Invisible

We know know that acoustics matter in the design of workplaces, hospitals, schools and labs. But how can architects and facility owners make multi-million-dollar decisions based on something they can’t see?

In fact, we can “experience the invisible,” says Victoria Cerami, who leads the largest woman-owned acoustical and technology consultancy in the U.S., Cerami & Associates, Inc., a 100-person consultancy with some the top acoustics experts in the world. She created Cerami Immersive™ to prove the point — and to serve as a valuable tool for designing high-performance environments.

Using visualization tools, design modeling software and advanced audio systems, Cerami Immersive™ helps owners “hear” the potential acoustics of their building layouts before they happen. “Cerami Immersive services, including an in-house acoustics studio, allows decision-makers to ‘experience the experience of acoustics‘ through the creation of virtual acoustical simulations,” says the CEO Cerami. “We’re able to walk you through the real sound environment of your project through various design options which are vital to the success of your building.”

Cerami adds that the No. 1 reason for business failures is bad communication, and that’s why she thinks Cerami Immersive™ is so vital to her clients’ needs. According to the firm, Cerami & Associates has created simulations to show clients how to improve the designs of:
• Interior environments and workplaces.
• Facade designs.
• Large, multipurpose venues
• Mechanical systems that create unwanted noise.
• Environmental and outdoor noises that impact operations.

Since launching the Cerami Immersive™ services, the firm has seen clients be able to make significant financial decisions in the range of $10 million following a single simulation meeting.

About Cerami & Associates, Inc.
Cerami is a premier national acoustical and technology consulting firm dedicated to providing technically excellent, responsive client service through a work ethic that expresses value, creativity and innovation. Cerami & Associates clients number among world-class developers, top architects and engineers, and Fortune 100 companies. Through its work with these clients, Cerami has earned a reputation for excellence. The Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) is a national leader in acoustical and integrated technology consulting for a wide range of world-class projects, such as One World Trade Center, the TWA Flight Center Hotel, The Women’s Building, LaGuardia Airport Central Terminal Building, and the Columbia University Medical Center’s Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center. The firm’s reputation for design excellence is matched by its thought leadership in fast-evolving, highly technical disciplines that are essential to business and organizational leaders today. Visit