Contour from Concertex

It’s an energy, it’s a vibe

Contour joins the performance driven line with the introduction of the fall 2020 Re-Warp collection from Concertex. Sophisticated and energetic, the coated fabric plays with light and shadow using a new technology. Contour is constructed with an engraved roller, that applies a layer of polyurethane, to create a raised, textured design that is smooth and sleek.

A curvaceous graphic, bold and serene – Contour is an upholstery pattern that is as unique in style as it is in construction. Mimicking the undercurrent that moves through water and air – the design pulsates across the face of the polyurethane. Boasting over 100,000 double rubs, bleach cleanable, and HHI compliant, Contour has a Graffiti-Free finishing to withstand the rigorous demands of all workplace, hospitality, and healthcare facilities. The bold and beautiful design is available in six striking colorways – Jet Stream, Titanium, Jungle, Ember, Deep Water, and Smoke.