Configura, Kimball Office to partner for CET Designer Extension

Extension is planned for all Kimball Office product lines

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, today announced a collaboration agreement with Kimball Office, a leading manufacturer of products for commercial, education, healthcare and government markets. Configura will partner with the Jasper, Indiana-based company to develop a CET Designer Extension that incorporates all Kimball Office product lines into CET Designer.

“Technology has changed the way products are visualized, and CET Designer has met the challenge of how end-users and the A&D industry partner in a responsive drawing environment,” Kimball Office Vice President of Sales Mike Donahue said.

CET Designer helps manufacturers and their dealers and designers to more quickly bring products to the end customer; the technology simplifies the specification and ordering of products by providing a single software solution for the entire space-planning process.

CET stands for Configura Extension Technology. CET Designer is Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)-based software; an Extension is an addition to CET Designer with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer’s products. Manufacturers invest in proprietary CET Designer Extensions to make specifying products easier, faster and more accurate.

“We’re proud to welcome Kimball Office, and to partner with them for a CET Designer Extension,” Configura Business Development Manager Brooke Snow said. “Kimball Office and all of our customers are collaborators with us in the process of bringing a single design and specification solution to the entire contract furniture industry. Together, we’re simplifying the space planning and selling process.”

About Configura

Configura creates intelligent space-planning software for manufacturers, dealers and designers in the Contract Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, Material Handling, Industrial Machinery, and Laboratory and Healthcare industries. The company’s software products, including CET DesignerÂź, are used by more than 10,000 people around the world. Configura Sverige AB, the parent company, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with commercial operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 1990, Configura is privately owned with more than 90 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $10 million USD. More information at

About CET DesignerÂź

Based on technology created by Configura, CET Designer¼ is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software that simplifies specifying and selling of products in a variety of industries. It’s a complete solution that quickly and accurately handles every step of the sales and order process. In CET Designer¼, components that represent manufacturers’ products look and behave like actual products. Users drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments; behind the scenes, the software tracks components, calculates pricing and prevents user errors. Users can create and generate layouts, quotes, photorealistic renderings, movies, installation drawings, reconfigurations and bills of materials – in other words, everything needed to propose on work and place orders. CET Designer¼ is the future of space planning. More information at

About Kimball Office

Kimball Office has been transforming workspaces for nearly 45 years with an ever-widening breadth of relevant, sustainable office furniture solutions. As one of America’s most respected environmentally-conscious contract office furniture manufacturers, they provide architects, designers, facility managers, and employers with open plan system solutions, both modern and classic desking, and a range of conference and seating options. The company is a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc., (NASDAQ:KBALB), a publicly-traded company headquartered in Jasper, Ind.  Learn how Kimball Office is changing workspaces by visiting