Configura CET Designer April User of the Month – Geri Hieronymus

CET Designer rendering by Geri Hieronymus
Geri Hieronymus

Geri Hieronymus, district sales manager and healthcare specialist with OFS/Carolina, has a passion for making everything around her beautiful.

She started her career as an office supply sales representative where furniture was one of the several lines of business she sold. Geri was quickly drawn to furniture and was promoted to furniture account manager. Today, she helps plan and visualize spaces for the healthcare industry at OFS/Carolina.

“I love the space planning of design,” Geri said. “I really enjoy thinking through how a space needs to function and how I can make it even better.”

Geri has been using CET Designer for 18 months. She uses it to visualize ideas that help customers find the right application or solution. Geri says CET Designer helps her be on the front end with a customer and allows customers who don’t have expertise in design or furniture to understand and see the whole picture of a space.

Her favorite CET Designer feature is the “favorites” feature. With OFS having so many favorites to choose from and Geri creating her own, she can pull a favorite, manipulate the finishes and turn projects around quickly.

“CET Designer has turned me into such an OFS expert,” Geri said. “I can answer detailed questions about our products and show all options.”

Geri’s best CET Designer trick is adding the actual fabric and finishes to all quote requests. She says once a customer sees this, they are impressed with the outcome.

Geri has enjoyed growing her career in the furniture industry and helping customers bring their visions for space to life.

“I am so thankful to work for a company that invests in me,” Geri said. “Not only ongoing CET Designer training but with other training as well. OFS/Carolina really cares about their team.”

When Geri isn’t designing spaces, you can find her exploring open houses with her girls, organizing anything or enjoying a cold beer at an outdoor concert.