Configura Announces Tommy Johansson as New Chairman of the Board

Configura CEO Johan Lyreborn and new Chairman of the Board Tommy Johansson

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, announces the appointment of Tommy Johansson as Chairman of the Board.

Configura, a Linköping based software company, has expanded globally with great success, recently adding offices in China and Germany to the list of existing offices in United States and Malaysia. Demand for their product, CET Designer, continues to grow and the user base has increased by 32% in 2019, primarily in the United States, Germany and China.

Over the next five years, Configura plans to double in size, with a focus on product development and expanding their partner network. Their vision is to become the leading global software provider for people who design spaces.

In 2018, Configura announced the partnership with Norwegian company Vind as an investor with the mutual objective to increase the company’s growth to meet the current market demand.

Johansson, who is a well-known business leader in Linköping, Sweden, brings a long history and experience working with software and ERP systems, as well as growing global, successful companies from the ground up.

“This is an exciting milestone in Configura’s history and I’m excited to welcome Tommy to the Configura family. Tommy brings great expertise that will be very valuable to Configura. In his role as Chairman, he will support the CEO and Configura’s owners in strategic directions for the company,” said Configura’s CEO Johan Lyreborn.

Johansson accepts the role as Chairman of the board after it has been vacant since the passing of Sune Rydqvist in March earlier this year. One of the founders of Configura, an entrepreneur, author and beloved father and grandfather, Rydqvist founded Configura almost 30 years ago together with his son Göran Rydqvist and his friend Johan Lyreborn. Göran and Johan are still active in the company and on the board.

Throughout Johansson’s career – including, as the deputy CEO, leading a global restructure of the ERP company Industrial & Financial Systems (IFS); as co-founder and CEO, developing the company C3 Technologies that was later acquired by Apple; and most recently being the co-founder and CEO of AMRA AB – he has gained extensive experience of developing and leading global companies.

In 2018, Johansson was awarded “The Business Diamond Award” a prestigious prize in the Linköping region that is awarded to an individual or company that has shown success in long-term growth and development, and has actively inspired others to develop Linköping’s business community.

Johansson is currently a board member of XMreality, a listed company that develops a SaaS solution based on AI technology for mobile phones. He is also the Chairman of the board at AddBIO, a privately held MedTech company. He now adds Chairman of the Board at Configura.

“I’m incredibly impressed by Configura and the company that has been built so far, from virtually nothing and with no financial debt,” said Johansson. “It has world leading customers in our targeted markets, a best in class product, talented and ambitious employees and a strong focus on quality and satisfied customers. With all of this, in combination with the investment from VIND and the willingness of the founders to take this company to the next level, I see extraordinary opportunities. I’m excited to be part of this journey and contribute through my own previous experiences to its success.”

Johansson was elected Chairman of the Board at an extra general meeting December 11th and will start in his new role immediately.