Configura Announces the Release of CET Designer 10.0

SplashScreen, CET Designer 10.0

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, announces the release of CET Designer 10.0. The latest version of the space-planning software includes a new look for the 2D and 3D toolbars, a more intuitive Polar Replicate and a new feature called Follow 2D.

“Many of these features and improvements were inspired by our users, whose input helps shape the future of the software,” Configura Vice President of Global Customer Experience Tracy Lanning said. “For example, the suggestion to modify the existing Polar Replicate tool came from our users.”

CET Designer 10.0 offers updates and new features for both beginner and advanced users, including:

  • A redesigned tool bar for both the 2D and 3D views
  • Follow 2D – which makes the 3D view pan and zoom and follow any panning or zooming done in the 2D view
  • Improvements to the collapsing Components tab, which will make it easier to identify a group of collapsed tabs
  • A new render preset called Realistic, which generates a realistic look for whole rooms by replicating actual atmosphere and sunlight
  • Changes to the Polar Replicate behavior to let users select the object that they want to replicate and then pick the point they want to replicate around it
  • A new splash screen showcasing winners of last year’s CET Designer Awards competition

Global contract furniture, kitchen and bath, material handling, industrial machinery, laboratory and healthcare manufacturers and suppliers that have invested in CET Designer Extensions for their companies and dealers include AJ, Allsteel, Apex Office Furniture, Aurora Storage Products, Bisley, BuzziSpace, Carvajal Espacios, ChargeSpot, Chief, Clarus, Connectrac, Dauphin, Dekko, DeskMakers, Diversified Woodcrafts, Emagispace, Enwork, Euro Chair, FSR, Global Furniture Group, Haworth, Herman Miller, HNI India, HON, Ideon, Indiana Furniture, Inscape, Interior Concepts, ITAB Shop Products, Keilhauer, KI, Kimball, Knoll, Kvik, Maars Living Walls, Marbodal, Maxon, Midmark, National, Nobia, Norema, Novah, OFS, Oi Furniture, SitOnIt Seating, Snowsound, Solinoff, SpaceCo, Spacefile, Steelcase, Sunon, Teknion and Tranquil.

Release notes for CET Designer 10.0 can be found at

Configura will demo CET Designer 10.0 at NeoCon 2019 this June 10-12 in space 7-5129 at The Merchandise Mart (theMART) in Chicago.

About Configura

Configura creates intelligent space-planning software for manufacturers, dealers and designers in the Contract Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, Material Handling, Industrial Machinery, and Laboratory and Healthcare industries. The company’s software products, including CET Designer, are used by more than 12,000 people around the world. Configura Sverige AB, the parent company, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with commercial operations in Gothenburg, Sweden; Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1990, Configura is privately owned with over 160 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $18 million USD. More information at

About CET Designer

Based on technology created by Configura, CET Designer is intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space-planning software that simplifies specifying and selling of products in a variety of industries. It’s a complete solution that quickly and accurately handles every step of the sales and order process. In CET Designer, components that represent manufacturers’ products look and behave like actual products. Users drag and drop components into 2D and 3D virtual environments; behind the scenes, the software tracks components, calculates pricing and prevents user errors. Users can create and generate layouts, quotes, photorealistic renderings, movies, installation drawings, reconfigurations and bills of materials – in other words, everything needed to propose on work and place orders. CET Designer is the future of space planning. More information at