Concertex Introduces Manta – A Vegan Leather Shagreen

Manta joins the performance driven line in style

Manta, a vegan leather shagreen, joins the performance driven line of sophisticated textiles from Concertex. It’s a paradox that such a durable coated fabric can be oh, so beautiful. Collaborating with Textile Designer Aaron Mensik, Manta’s silhouette is constructed using an engraved roller, that applies a layer of polyurethane on top of a polyurethane base, to create a beaded design that is smooth to the touch.

Mimicking the majestic, natural texture of a stingray, Manta is one striking polyurethane. Created using a new technology, the sophisticated shagreen pattern plays with light and shadow on the surface. The 54” upholstery pattern’s durability is not compromised by its beauty. Boasting over 100,000 double rubs, Manta is also bleach cleanable, HHI compliant, and Graffiti-Free. Manta’s illuminating texture beautifully reflects the light in seven radiant colorways. Memorable and unique, Manta is sure to leave a lasting impression in refined restaurants, the stylish workplace, and chic senior living facilities.