Company Launch: Optimizing Human Interaction/Efficiency w Smart Building Software/Analytics

New Workplace Management System, Elevated™, Unveils Human-Centric Spatial Analytics

The Elevated™ app analyzes the tangible patterns of human activity, behavior, and energy within buildings, delivering actionable insights that emphasize people-centric trends, optimize human interaction, and drive efficiency.

The architects behind IoT integrations company Environments, and the lighting pioneers, Lighting Environments, introduce the next generation of Elevated, the smart building software development company. Elevated’s cutting-edge workplace management software reinvents the perception of buildings by focusing on the human energy circulating within. Elevated allows users to tune into and safeguard the human vitality that defines their real estate investments. With this protection of building occupants comes ROI and growth across entire real estate portfolios.

The human-centric data within our buildings is akin to an intricate dance of energy; when harnessed correctly, it has transformative potential. Elevated offers a fresh perspective on data, allowing users to not just access, but to truly empower their understanding of human interactions and needs within a space. Consider the impact of CO2 on well-being and productivity; with Elevated, teams can correlate occupancy data with climate controls, ensuring optimal air quality and environment for human wellness.

Designed for the visionary C-Suite ready to take their business to the next level, Elevated provides tools that can transform the modus operandi of businesses while reinforcing brand identity and culture. The insights presented within the Elevated app allow owners to understand how their people and occupants shape the very workings of their business.

“Elevated is not just about buildings; it’s about understanding the heartbeats within – the people. From fostering our workplace community to catalyzing groundbreaking projects, our app connects stakeholders and decision-makers with the human essence that enlivens our real estate,” remarked Elevated CEO, Erin McDannald. “Elevated transforms workplaces into hubs where individuals can connect, collaborate, and resonate with their environment.”

Elevated’s offerings transcend traditional digital ecosystems. Key features encapsulate:

  • Desk and room booking for enhanced human interaction

  • Monitoring and management of energy influenced by occupancy

  • Smart thermostat controls attuned to human comfort

  • Intelligent lighting controls that respond to human activity

  • Smart camera controls for safety and experience optimization

  • Air quality metrics driven by human occupancy

  • Real-time utilization measurement for spaces based on human interaction

  • Metrics that highlight well-being and human-centric sustainability

  • Announcements that foster community interaction

  • Access controls that prioritize user experience

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About Elevated™:

Elevated, a collaboration of Environments and Lighting Environments, pioneers in blending building control systems with workplace management software. The emphasis? Prioritizing human well-being, enriching workspaces, engaging users, and creating an ambiance that resonates with everyone present. With Elevated, every data point shifts the narrative from mere space to the people within. To learn more, visit