Coalesse: Rethinking the Modern Workplace

Coalesse – Lagunitas Lounge System

Recently, Coalesse sat down with a panel of industry leaders with one question in mind – What Could Be? The conversation covered topics including sustainability, wellness and what tomorrow’s offices might look like. Hybrid models, tech integration and a focus on wellness in the workplace are important changes needed to return to the office in a post-COVID world. Read on for some of the short-term changes Coalesse is already seeing – and implementing – in the workplace.

  1. Take Work Outside

Outdoor workspaces have been on the rise for years — originally intended to create spaces designed to get away, take a break and get some fresh air. Now, outdoor workspaces serve an additional role. Stepping outside of the typical indoor work environment gives employees a chance to rejuvenate, refocus or just work in a new setting. According to designers, developers and landlords, it’s an emerging trend that will shape the way workplaces look and feel for years to come.

  1. Rethink Collaboration

Collaboration has always been essential to success in the workplace, but with recent in-person teamwork as a challenge, supporting collaborative work will require new solutions and expanded social spaces as we get back to the office. The traditional one-to-one desk arrangement has been eclipsed by more flexible, accessible workspaces that allow multiple employees to come together and work in the social setting where they feel most comfortable. When working hybrid, a shared flexible touchdown space becomes the necessary community center at work where collaboration, social time and productivity all meet.

  1. Connect with Tech

On the virtual side of the hybrid model, remote workers are now relying more than ever on digital collaboration tools. Video conferencing and digital whiteboards enable employees to stay connected even when not in face-to-face settings. Since new spaces and portable tech tools facilitating this type of virtual teamwork have become essential, Steelcase has seen a rise in demand for mobile tables, carts and partitions. Digital whiteboards also remain on the rise, so workers at home can see what’s being written in real time.

  1. Design for a Multi-Generational Workforce

Socialization and mentorship between teams and demographics has become an important part of ensuring workplace happiness. Generational differences — and similarities — between how colleagues work together can affect workspaces and we approach the amenities available in the modern office. “In some ways, it might be surprising: the younger generations are so social that I think they like coming into the workplace to connect. They love the sense of being around others and building on and learning from each other and the older generations,” said John Hamilton, Global Design Director for Coalesse.

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