Coalesse® to Become Exclusive Distributor of Viccarbe in the Americas

New Collaboration Broadens Workspace Design Opportunities for the Contract Market

Coalesse, recognized for their forward-looking, design-driven products, is expanding its longstanding relationship with Viccarbe, a furniture manufacturer renowned worldwide for contemporary lounge settings. Beginning in summer 2017, Coalesse will offer the entire Viccarbe portfolio to the contract market throughout the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, and the countries of Latin America) – as the Viccarbe Imports Collection. This strategic alliance creates a unique opportunity for architects and designers in the corporate, higher-education and healthcare sectors to develop progressive commercial environments with a comprehensive range of products.

Lew Epstein, Coalesse General Manager, speaks to the vast potential for the alliance: “Viccarbe, based in Spain, is among a small circle of cherished partners and a key contributor since we launched Coalesse in 2008. This summer, we’re extending our relationship further by introducing the Viccarbe Imports Collection from Coalesse. We’re looking forward to the significant breadth of these new, award-winning additions to our Americas portfolio and celebrating our longstanding collaboration with Viccarbe.”

Located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Viccarbe experiences more than 300 days of sun each year. The abundant sunlight deeply influences Viccarbe’s connection with color and inspires the warmth of the materials, while the brand’s sense of humor and emphasis on friendship are unique differentiators. Viccarbe operates in more than seventy countries and designs in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, making the brand an ideal collaborator for the Coalesse focus on sustainability.

Daniel Benedito, CEO, and Victor Carrasco, Strategic Director, of Viccarbe are similarly optimistic: “We are excited about this collaboration, as Coalesse and Viccarbe have a complementary aesthetic and share a mutual attention to quality. Like Coalesse, we work with prestigious international designers to develop cutting-edge products. Our collection is internationally esteemed for waiting areas and lounge environments, and we are confident this close connection with Coalesse will benefit both brands and positively impact organizations worldwide.”

With the addition of complementary Viccarbe furnishings to the extensive Coalesse portfolio, architects and designers will be able to curate an entire space with settings that combine beauty with utility. The exclusive alliance exemplifies the valuable collaborations that Coalesse promotes among modern organizations around the world. And as a leader in the industry, Coalesse will continue to develop forward-thinking collaborations that bring new life to work.

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Bringing New Life to Work

About Coalesse

Led by intuition, backed by research, and driven by design – Coalesse creates thoughtful furnishings for the modern workplace. We help our customers to make great spaces that inspire great work by empowering social connection, creative collaboration, and focus and rejuvenation. For workplaces around the world, we design products that blend beauty and utility, comfort and vitality, and insights with inspiration to bring new life to work. As part of the Steelcase Inc. family of brands, we are globally accessible through a network of over 800 dealers.

About Viccarbe

The Viccarbe portfolio shows the value and references for a contemporary style with a wide range of products that offer the ultimate comfort and sophistication. It is distinguished by great simplicity, innovative elegance and global awareness. The products relate to the end user on an elevated level thanks to their natural integration into different environments. The collection is ideal for people who live in the present and think of the future.