CIFF Shanghai 2015 Was a Success


The 36th edition of CIFF-Shanghai, for the first time in Shanghai after the 35 editions successfully organized in Guangzhou, has just ended with a very positive result.

The desire to offer the best to its visitors and exhibitors has prompted CIFF to organize the September edition in this important mega-city inside the brand new Shanghai National Convention & Exhibition Center, reaching a scale of 400,000 sqm with 1471 exhibitors and 75.122 professional visitors (over 220,000 attendance).

CIFF 2Two editions a year, in the two most important exhibition centres in Asia, in two key cities for China that, in addition to being subject to the highest development, affect the whole economy of the country. An important and courageous choice, that reaffirms CIFF as a unique springboard, able to help businesses to seize the opportunities offered by the market.

Home furniture, office furniture, garden furniture, furnishing fabrics, furniture accessories, machinery and raw materials for the manufacture of fittings are the product categories present, for a complete and unique offer of its kind, which has given great satisfactions to the huge number of involved professionals in this industry, both Chinese and international.

Just a few subway stops away from the centre of Shanghai, the exhibition offers concrete business opportunities: it represents an excellent occasion to understand the current trends and participate in essential conferences and events for those working in the sector.

Wonderful the first edition of the East Design event, designed and coordinated by Zhu Xiaojie, a leading Chinese designer, all based on the theme of wood, with a section devoted to seating, one to the major Chinese brands, one to young designers, five surveys, seven schools and universities and six different involved countries and regions of Asia.

CIFF East Design
East Design

Besides all the leading Chinese and Asian brands, furniture companies from USA, Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Portugal, Australia and Turkey have chosen CIFF to exhibit and enter the Asian market. Chinese companies have made an incredible breakthrough: indeed China is experiencing a period of transition during which it is rediscovering its stylistic roots in its traditional forms, which are currently interpreted in a modern way, creating fine lines and sinuous tables, chairs and armchairs that transmit all the values of these people, put together, almost in opposition, with western furnishings divided into modern and minimalist, classic and luxurious.

More and more attention is paid to quality, attention to details and skilful use in the processing of materials.

CIFF Office

The office sector has hosted international companies such as Herman Miller, company also selected for the “Office Life Theme Pavilion” event, mirroring the new trends in this industry, where the “green office”, which places man at the center through playful objects, is the main trend.

The open space structured as a mix of scenarios, based on the evolution of the way of working, has been the main theme of almost all the exhibitors: the office becomes a place split between phone booths, where to find the required privacy, structured workstations to offer the most comfort, but never isolation, organized spaces for briefings and meetings. Spaces that create involvement, communication and collaboration, designed in order to share new forms of sociality inside the office using design-friendly and ethical-design products with different, multiple and holistic shapes, colours and functions.

CIFF Forums

CIFF-Shanghai has also hosted a lot of conferences deepening the themes of design, production and distribution. Among others, some international conferences such as the China-Italy Furniture Business Cooperation Forum, the 2nd Chinese edition of the Global Furniture Outlook Seminar, organized in collaboration with CSIL, and the 5th Global Office Furniture Outlook.