Chemetal Launches Curated Collection of Darkened Metals

Chemetal 606 blackened aluminum planter

Chemetal has curated a new collection of 10 black and darkened metals featuring subtle variation, embossed textures, and industrial metal looks that are ideal for use in commercial interiors. These designs showcase unique contrasts all within the dark grey to black color range.

For example, Chemetal’s Alu designs are popular blackened aluminum selections that emulate the look of weathered or blackened steel but in lighter and easier-to-fabricate aluminum. To make, aluminum sheets are brushed, darkened, then brushed again with a manufacturing consistency. The result is a sublime and gentle linear variation.

“We crafted a collection that features interesting moods, or “worlds” if you will, within each sheet,” says Geoff Schaefer, Chemetal Creative Director and President. “The Collection offers a different brushing, patterning, and depth to give design professionals many options in black.”

Chemetal 606 blackened aluminum

Nothing embodies this more than dark metals Ember, Existential, Protodynastic, and Blackened Aluminum. They feature ambient tones and patterning underneath, with shades of grey and black rising to the surface as light shifts. These are popular and spectacular Chemetal designs with patina reminiscent of the great metal ages. Yet these are metal panels printed in Japan, employing fantastically modern printing technology, plus a protective Lumiflon coating, to create a combination of depth, mood, and reflectivity.

Even more blackened metals can be found among Chemetal’s Classic Metals. These anodized and HPL aluminums (thin metal foil with laminate backer) are functional and economical ways to bring the elegance of metal into design projects. This is especially true with Chemetal #908 Satin Black Aluminum, a great non-directional black.

Besides a standout aesthetic, these sheets of thin aluminum can be cut with woodworking equipment (with recommended metal cutting blade), making them easier and less expensive to fabricate than steel, and lighter to handle and hang. That’s because aluminum is a softer and lighter metal.

The curated Blackened Metals Collection features an array of options to fit a range of budgets and design needs. And because they are made of aluminum, they are all 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Many Chemetal products are part of the MindfulMaterials library and are Living Building Challenge compliant.

These popular on-trend metal designs are available in Chemetal’s Blackened Metal Sample Pack, which qualified design professionals may order for free at

To learn more about this collection, visit Black is the new black – Chemetal

About Chemetal

Chemetal creates beautiful and innovative metal designs and laminates for interior spaces. It’s a second-generation family-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years. Chemetal makes many designs in-house in western Massachusetts and is available worldwide through an international, though mostly national, distributor network.