Chemetal Introduces Surface Mode Carve

Designs so bold, we needed thicker metals just to hold them.

It’s a new mode of creating metal designs at Chemetal. Introducing Surface Mode Carve, new designs on thicker metals. The company started with its already popular ALU metals – aluminums finished with an ambient industrial black – put them on thicker metals and overlaid it all with CNC carved designs. The result is stunning feature wall panels in neutral shades of black. What’s more, custom opportunities abound for designers to create their own CNC designs, logos, signage and branding messages. Ideal for interior spaces. Panels are .09” thick so they don’t require a wood panel backer like MDF, which can aid installation.

Chemetal filled out the Surface Mode collection with more new directions, like powder coated metals, plus other designs for which they’ve long been known. 14 designs in all. All new from Chemetal, a family-owned USA-based company.

Short version:

Introducing Surface Mode Carve, a new way of creating metals designs at Chemetal. The company started with its popular ALU look, aluminums finished with ambient industrial black, put them on thicker metals and overlaid cool CNC designs. Custom design options abound. Ideal for interior spaces. 4’ x 8’ size, .09” thick. Learn more at

Easier to install, easier to recycle.

Surface Mode panels are thicker and can be installed without a supportive laminate backer, which makes installation, using mechanical fasteners or wall panel system, easier and more affordable. Plus, the panels are more easily repurposed, recycled or freecycled because they are 100 percent aluminum.

About Chemetal

Chemetal creates beautiful and innovative metal designs and laminates for interior spaces. It’s a second-generation family-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years. Chemetal makes many designs in-house in western Massachusetts and is available worldwide through an international, though mostly national, distributor network.