CetraRuddy Announces Promotions of Leading Designers and Firm Leaders

Global architecture, planning & interior design firm CetraRuddy promotes top talents, leading designers with growth in hospitality, residential, commercial and education

Reflecting its growth and increasing global presence, the award-winning architecture and interior design firm, CetraRuddy, has announced several new promotions for key leadership and design positions. The changes come as the firm expands its portfolio with major mixed-use developments, new educational facilities, hospitality projects and global assignments in Europe and the Middle East.

Among the most notable changes, John Cetra, AIA, Nancy J. Ruddy and Eugene Flotteron, AIA, have advanced four of its Associate Principals to Principals: Ximena Rodriguez, the Director of Interior Design, who is a talented and dynamic leader of the firm’s interior design group; Theresa M. Genovese, AIA, LEED AP, an insightful architect and Director of the Cultural/Educational Group; Joseph Jebran, RA, DPLG, a skillful architect who is the firm’s International Group Director; as well as Michael Simon, Managing Director, who champions the firm’s operations and management strategy. All will assume the title Principal effective this year, according to CetraRuddy.

“These superb professionals, who have been guiding the firm with us as part of our Executive Committee, have been an integral part of pursuing our dedication to the advancement of the firm and ongoing commitment to design excellence and technical mastery” says John Cetra, AIA, founding principal of the New York-based firm. “Our next chapter will engage the principals in new ways, further leveraging our outstanding public and professional capacities.”

In addition to these appointments, CetraRuddy has also announced the promotion of Emmanuelle C. Slossberg, LEED AP, the firm’s Director of Strategic Development and member of the Executive Team, to Associate Principal. The firm also advanced Kevin Lee and Chris Lee to Senior Associates, and named three new Associates: Adam Kehr, Dolly Alvarez and Charles Thomson. Meredith Cocco, a leader in the firm’s marketing group was named Director of Marketing.

About the Designers

2015.1102.Nwy.Ximena RodriguezXimena Rodriguez, Principal

As Principal and Director of Interior Design, Ximena oversees the quality and technical excellence of the firm’s interior design group of 20 professionals and serves as lead interior designer and project manager for many of the firm’s projects in the residential, hospitality and retail sectors. She brings a global perspective, based on her years of work in Argentina and her study in Buenos Aires, where she received an architecture degree and later a management degree at University of Palermo (Argentina). “With exceptional process leadership and innovative solutions grounded in technical excellence, her projects emanate an architectural clarity coupled with knowledge of materials and finishes,” says founding principal Nancy J. Ruddy, the firm’s Executive Director of Interior Design.

2015.1102.Nwy.Theresa M. GenoveseTheresa M. Genovese, AIA, LEED AP, Principal

Leading project teams from concept design through completion of construction, Ms. Genovese has extensive experience in new building and renovation projects for universities, cultural and religious institutions, public and private schools and complex historic residential projects. As a LEED-accredited architect with a background in urban design, Genovese shares expertise in sustainable design and sensitivity to a building’s larger context. She holds degrees from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the New York Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture.

2015.1102.Nwy.Joseph JebranJoseph Jebran, RA, DPLG, Principal

As the firm’s international group director and architect, Mr. Jebran brings unique expertise in overseas real estate development, project management of large-scale, multifaceted building projects, and work with public agencies, higher education and development clientele. His detail-oriented project leadership and commitment to the highest standards of technical and artistic quality has earned him the trust and respect of clients around the world as well as prestigious developers in the United States. Jebran received degrees from L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Yale University School of Architecture.

Michael Simon, Principal

Managing Director for CetraRuddy, Michael Simon oversees the 85+person firm’s business operations, including finance, human resources and administration, and serves as Chair of the firm’s Executive Committee, He is a recognized expert in the corporate management and stewardship of architecture and design firms. Simon also served as treasurer for the Society for Design Administration’s New York Chapter and currently serves as an Advisor to the Board.

Emmanuelle C. Slossberg, LEED AP, Associate Principal

As Director of Strategic Development, Ms. Slossberg brings experience in new business strategy and marketing management including branding, innovation, architecture, real estate development and business development. Slossberg has worked closely with the principals of CetraRuddy to expand in the residential, hospitality, cultural, educational and international markets. Slossberg’s degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and work in creative branding agencies add insight to her vision for the firm.

 Kevin Lee, Senior Associate

With over 15 years of experience designing residential and mixed-use buildings, and a senior architect at the firm, Kevin Lee brings exceptional problem-solving skills and a resourceful approach to complex and challenging design briefs with particular proficiency at developing expressive design concepts. A multifaceted designer, he employs a variety of media and conceptual tools to explore design options and develop a clear direction for the overarching design concept for each project.

Chris Lee, Senior Associate

Chris Lee is a senior architect with over 15 years of experience at CetraRuddy leading large design teams specializing in the delivery of technically excellent projects. He successfully guides teams through collaborative planning and attention to detail. In addition to his project work, Lee serves as co-chair of the firm’s Cultural Committee and serves as a mentor to many architects in the firm.

Adam Kehr, Associate

Kehr has been with CetraRuddy for over four years, where he has demonstrated his deep experience and knowledge in hospitality design and residential work. He has a proven track record of consistently managing complex project teams and has brought a careful design sensibility to his project work.

Dolly Alvarez, Associate

Active in the design of multifamily residential projects, Alvarez has served as project architect for several key projects of the firm. Overseeing projects from design development through construction administration, she masterfully integrates a project’s architectural and interior design elements into a cohesive whole while consistently meeting demanding schedules and budgets through innovative design and construction solutions.

Charles Thomson, Associate

A LEED-accredited project manager with CetraRuddy, Thomson specializes in residential, academic, commercial and hospitality projects in the United States as well as overseas. Thomson’s unique skillsets in the design and management of projects, understanding of client’s goals and missions, attention to detail, and deliberate approach to sustainable design have made him a valued team member and leader on his projects.

Meredith Cocco, Director of Marketing

With expertise in marketing, public relations and business development of professional services, Cocco has nine years of professional experience and a background in art history and architectural studies. Since joining CetraRuddy, she has helped guide the firm’s transition into new and emerging markets and helped refine the firm’s existing marketing portfolio.


About CetraRuddy PLLC

Established in 1987, CetraRuddy is an international award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm driven by design excellence and the desire to create one-of-a-kind architectural experiences. Intellectually crafted projects are developed with a unique design sensitivity, resourcefulness and commitment to client objectives. Throughout the United States and abroad, CetraRuddy applies a problem-solving approach to projects across various sectors including hospitality, education, cultural and commercial. Notable work for the Firm includes the design of mixed-use residential projects that incorporate innovative design solutions, offering a new approach to affordable housing. With more than 25 years of experience, founding principals John Cetra and Nancy Ruddy are joined by principals Eugene Flotteron and John Curtis; associate principals Theresa Genovese, Joseph Jebran, Ximena Rodriguez, and Michael Simon and a staff of 80 talented professionals. Working together, they contribute their sophisticated understanding of programming, planning, technology and construction to each of the firm’s projects, developing technically excellent and innovative designs and providing an unparalleled level of service. More at www.cetraruddy.com.