CET Designer User of the Month Ashley Harris


2016.0314.Tech.CET Designer User of the Month.Ashley-HarrisAshley Harris works as an analytical designer at A. Pomerantz & Co, a Steelcase dealer in Philadelphia. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interior design in 2013 from Philadelphia University, she began her career in the residential design field but eventually moved into commercial design. She’s been using Configura’s CET Designer software for almost a year.

“My favorite thing about design is how much it impacts the world without people really realizing it,” Ashley said. “Design affects the way we work and live, and it’s exciting that I can have a positive influence on the way people interact with different environments.”

Ashley found CET Designer to be intuitive to learn and was able to pick it up within her first two weeks of working with it. While learning how to use the software, she also learned product information. She especially liked how the software blends 3D visuals with detailed product specifications.

“Compared to other rendering software that I learned to use in school, CET Designer is a bit more intuitive, which made the switch easy,” Ashley said. “The biggest challenge was mastering the fly-thru element, simply because I hadn’t worked with video before. However, through trial and error, I’m learning more and more every time I use it.”

As Ashley’s work with fly-thrus keeps improving, her colleagues get more excited about using them as a marketing tool.

“Our clients are really pulled in by the fly-thru’s and renderings,” Ashley said. “They also love how quickly we can make changes and show those changes in a visual way. The speed at which images and fly-thru’s render makes my job, and our ability to cater to a client, so much easier.”

She also likes the SketchUp integration, as the crossover lets her be more creative. This creativity helped her in the Best of CET Designer awards program where she received second place in both the rendering and video categories. View the video at http://on.fb.me/1Xi8gXP.

In her spare time, Ashley is passionate about singing. She’s sung in a lot of choirs over the years. She also loves to travel, sketch and currently plays in a bocce league in Philadelphia.