Celebrating Sustainability: Momentum Expands Silica™ and Endurance EPU® Coated Textile Lines

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering has expanded its Silica™ and Endurance EPU® textile collections with fresh technological innovations. Momentum has long held sustainability as a tenet of its production and design endeavors, setting the industry standard for textiles and wallcovering. Momentum adds visual depth and color offerings in the expansion of its two class-leading PVC-free coated textile collections: Silica™ and Endurance EPU®. Bold and beautiful new colors as well as a new Silica Hybrid design – Whisp – have been added to the Silica™ range and two new designs – Mixer and Twill – have been added to the brand’s Endurance EPU® line. GREENGARD certified, Silica™ and Endurance EPU® collections offer the commercial market a wide range of high-performing fabrics that are PVC-free and produce zero waste in their production.

“Momentum’s Silica™ and Endurance EPU® offerings underscore our sustainable mission – to leave the lightest carbon footprint possible,” comments Paul Cleary, President and CEO of Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering. “We’re always looking for ways to make our products better with advancements in technology and to bring our designers and professional partners industry firsts. The expansion of the Silica™ and Endurance EPU® collections highlights our commitment to the environment and to our educated and conscious audience.”

Silica,™ Momentum’s most sustainable and highest-performing PVC-free textile, subtly mimics the look and feel of leather. Momentum created this textile collection with an ambitious goal of offering an environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl and polyurethane. Since its initial launch, this extremely colorfast, durable and inherently antibacterial textile solution has received numerous accolades and industry awards. In this new expansion of Silica,™ Momentum brings new colors to the range as well as introduces the Silica Hybrid, Whisp design. Incorporating the best of both silicone and polyurethane, Whisp offers an exceptional linen-like appearance and satisfies the high-performance demands of healthcare or workplaces.

Two new designs, Mixer and Twill, add visual depth to Momentum’s Endurance EPU® collection. Mixer is a new crepe-like pattern that is available in a range of soft neutrals and colored tones for subtle yet layered application. Twill is a textural and inviting design that mimics woven fabric, available in neutrals and bold hues. These PVC-free coated textiles enhance Momentum’s current range in the collection of scratch-resistant and extremely durable textiles. Rigorously environmentally conscious, Endurance EPU® uses a superior molecular structure compared to traditional polyurethane solutions – its denser construction means better performance. The manufacturing process uses 56% less energy than conventional polyurethane, zero water, zero waste chemicals, zero solvents and zero plasticizers. These coated fabrics are incredibly versatile and inviting.

The textiles in the Silica™ collection include:


Subtly mimicking the look and feel of leather, Silica™ has infinite applications. Bold and beautiful new colors include rich jewel tones, clean brights, soft hues, and foundational neutrals. As Momentum’s most sustainable and highest-performing PVC-free textile range. Composed of 100% silicone, Silica’s durability is 365,000 double rubs. The collection offers 59 color choices. As a flame retardant free solution, Silica is cleanable with bleach, features extreme colorfastness and is made without plasticizers so there is no plasticizer migration throughout the life of the fabric. Further, Silica is inherently antimicrobial and antifungal, making it supremely suited to healthcare and workplace environments.

Silica™ Hybrid, Whisp

As an innovative addition to the Silica family of coated products, Silica Hybrid incorporates the best of both silicone and polyurethane. Its substrate combines a polyurethane that’s engineered for performance along with the look and cleanability of silicone. This unique construction offers an exceptional hand and notable performance. Launching with the Whisp design, Momentum’s Silica Hybrid appears like a textile with its compelling crosshatch pattern that evokes the warmth of linen but has all the features and durability of a coated fabric. Composed of 70% Polyurethane and 30% silicone, WHISP’s durability is 500,000 double rubs. This design is available in 21 colors.

Textiles in the EPU collection include:

Mixer EPU

Dynamic and durable, this crepe-like upholstery has a small-scale asymmetric design that reads more solid than pattern. Designed to be incredibly versatile, Mixer is perfect for mixing and matching across the range of warm and bold colors. Made of 100% EPU Polyurethane, Mixer’s durability is 130,000 double rubs. Mixer EPU is available in 20 colors.

Twill EPU

Twill is textural and inviting. With all of the advantages of a coated fabric, Twill’s woven fabric pattern features two tone printing to create depth and a classic textile look. Available in warm tones and classic neutrals, Twill offers the commercial market great versatility. Made of 100% EPU Polyurethane, Twill’s durability is 130,000 double rubs. Twill EPU is available in 21 colors.

About Momentum

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is the largest supplier of contract textiles and wallcoverings to the commercial interiors industry. Its mission is to create textiles and wallcoverings that inspire and equip customers to execute great work for their clients. Momentum is recognized for sustainable product design and collaborations with renowned artists and designers. Momentum is a recipient of the 2016 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence. Momentum is committed to sustainable excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.