Carnegie Expands Award-Winning Outdoor Biobased Xorel® line with the Al Fresco Collection

Expansion adds 26 nature-inspired hues and textures to the world’s first and only plant-based, commercial-grade outdoor performance textile

Carnegie, a leader in sustainable textiles and acoustical management solutions for the commercial industry, has announced the expansion of its groundbreaking Outdoor Biobased Xorel® line with the introduction of the Al Fresco Collection featuring a softer hand feel. Derived from the Italian phrase meaning “in the open air,” Al Fresco epitomizes a lifestyle where indoor and outdoor spaces converge. The multi-use fabrics provide eco-friendly solutions for upholstery, upholstered walls/panels, wallcoverings, and acoustical panels. Made from sustainably sourced, rapidly renewable sugarcane and comprising 85% biobased PE content, these textiles offer exceptional sustainability and durability and are excellent choices for high-traffic commercial environments such as hospitality, healthcare, corporate, multifamily, and education.

“For years, the outdoor textile industry has grappled with the challenge of delivering a harmonious blend of design, performance, and sustainability, which we set out to accomplish with the launch of Outdoor Biobased Xorel just last year,” said Heather Bush, Chief Creative Officer at Carnegie. “Since then, the incredible success and recognition Outdoor Biobased Xorel has received energized us to set even higher standards in the textile industry, and the launch of Al Fresco serves as a natural extension of our commitment to sustainable innovation.”

Al Fresco fabrics boast an array of impressive attributes, thanks to their 100% Xorel (85% Biobased Xorel) composition. Made from rapidly renewable sugarcane that allows it to achieve a significantly reduced carbon footprint over fossil-fuel based products, Xorel offers breathability, non-absorbency, weather and fade resistance, and unparalleled durability (100,000 double rubs or higher). Al Fresco textiles are 100% PVC-free, PFAS-free, and are devoid of chlorine, plasticizers, heavy metals, and toxic dyes. Requiring no added finishes, coatings, or chemistry to perform, they are inherently wear and stain resistant, colorfast, antibacterial, and can be aggressively cleaned with bleach and hospital-grade disinfectants without degrading in quality.

Outdoor Biobased Xorel is the only indoor/outdoor textile to attain both Cradle to Cradle Gold and Living Product Challenge certifications, making it the ultimate environmentally conscious choice for any space. The expansion of the Outdoor Biobased Xorel line with the Al Fresco Collection represents Carnegie’s unwavering commitment to sustainable design and performance. It offers a unique and elegant solution for design professionals and specifiers in search of high-performance textiles that respect the environment and can earn up to 4 LEED points when specified on a project.

Since Outdoor Biobased Xorel launched last year, it has earned numerous prestigious awards, including an honorable mention from Fast Company as part of its 2023 Innovation by Design Awards. It was also selected as a 2022 Architectural Record Product of the Year winner in the “Textiles and Upholstery” category, was honored in the Best of NeoCon 2022, earning both Sustainability and Silver Award recognition, and was chosen as an honoree among the 2022 Interior Design HiP Awards.

In addition to growing Carnegie’s collection of the critically-acclaimed Outdoor Biobased Xorel brand, the Al Fresco Collection uses new knitting techniques to create an improved hand feel that feels softer and more luxurious. With 26 nature-inspired hues and textures, the Outdoor Biobased Xorel palette now provides limitless design opportunities. Designers can leverage these textiles for various applications, thanks to the flexibility of the Xorel yarn, which is available in woven, knitted, or crocheted patterns in a wide variety of designs and colors.

The new patterns include:

  • Catania: Catania is inspired by the essence of coastal living, with a nuanced knit diamond design that adds a splash of Mediterranean subtlety to any indoor or outdoor space. Catania is available in four colors and multiple end uses such as upholstery and upholstered walls/panels. Sustainably sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane, Catania contains 85% biobased PE content.
  • Marseille: Marseille was inspired by the coastal cosmopolitan city with the most sunshine in France. Big and bold in both design and performance, this oversized woven herringbone pattern is made with 85% biobased PE content and is sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane. Marseille is available in three sophisticated neutrals and multiple end uses such as upholstery, upholstered walls/panels, wallcovering, and acoustical panels.
  • Calabria: Don’t be fooled…this linen look-alike is indeed 100% Xorel and made with 85% biobased PE content, sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane. In addition to the legendary performance and ease of maintenance of Xorel, Calabria brings a natural flax-like appearance to this collection of indoor/outdoor textiles. Reminiscent of cotton tablecloths and linen draperies blowing in the sea breeze of a coastal voyage, Calabria is a heathered woven texture available in five muted, sophisticated colors and multiple end uses such as upholstery, upholstered walls/panels, wallcovering, and acoustical panels.
  • Amalfi: Designed as a forever-classic and to complement any palette for indoor/outdoor spaces, Amalfi is a solid matte knit available in seven earthen hues inspired by the dramatic cliffs, stone-built architecture, and coastal scenery of southern Italy.  A simple surface with powerful performance—scrub it, hose it, bleach it, make a mess with no regret. Amalfi is made with 85% biobased PE content, sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane, and is applicable for upholstery and upholstered walls/panels.
  • Caspian: A subtle knitted herringbone available in seven nature-inspired tones, Caspian can complement any solid texture or bold pattern adding a layer of modern style and timeless craft. Evoke a spirit of adventure and travel by incorporating Caspian into any indoor/outdoor space for upholstery and upholstered walls/panels. Sustainably sourced from rapidly renewable sugarcane, Caspian contains 85% biobased PE content.

The Al Fresco Collection is Carnegie’s latest achievement resulting from the last 70+ years of championing responsible innovation through Materials That Matter™, proving that beautiful high-performance solutions can be delivered sustainably. For more information, visit

About Carnegie

Carnegie is a leading manufacturer of sustainable commercial textiles and acoustical management solutions. Founded on the principle that great design goes deeper than aesthetics, the company has championed responsible innovation for over 70 years, developing durable and healthy alternatives to PVC, like its revolutionary Xorel® brand fabrics. As the nation’s only B-Corp certified textile manufacturer and forever PVC-free company, Carnegie leads the industry with an authentic commitment to the environment and responsible governance to effect positive change through advocacy, education, and service. Galvanizing the architecture and design community to build a better future with materials that matter, Carnegie’s innovations meet at the intersection of sustainability, creativity, and unparalleled performance. For more information, visit www.carnegie