Carnegie and Erik Bruce Launch “Artful Windows” Collaboration




Erik Bruce and Mary Holt, Executive VP of Carnegie Creative Studio in Bruce’s new 5,000 sq. ft Bushwick studio, putting the final touches on Artful Windows

erik-bruce-in-bruces-new-5000-sq-ft-bushwick-studio-putting-the-final-touches-on-artful-windowsLeading textile company Carnegie has partnered with window coverings stylist and designer Erik Bruce to inspire the industry with a new way to fabricate contract window fabric. Bruce brings a set of bespoke techniques typically used in high-end specialty spaces, and applies them on to Carnegie’s window fabrics. The collaboration will launch in October.

Artful Windows is a concept we’ve developed with Erik Bruce to help create a new and diverse visual dialogue for commercial window treatments,” said Mary Holt, EVP Creative at Carnegie. “We believe window fabric can be treated as a major architectural element in any designed space. We are inspired by Erik’s creativity in redefining the role of fabric for our windows line.”

With Artful Windows, Bruce has developed four distinct artisanal techniques – Reveal, Fringe, Zipper and Purl (described below)- all produced by hand. While convention says that every window fabric should have the same treatment at the top and bottom, Bruce utilizes a creative approach to challenge this. In his designs, he utilizes the color, texture and structure of a textile, as well the negative space and light coming through the fabric, as part of his design for the window.

Bruce, formerly at Mary Bright Studio before founding Erik Bruce Fabrik in 2011, strives for development of modern techniques on fabric, informed by his work in architecture and training in costume design.

“I am most inspired by materials and the play of light created by both the exterior natural light and interior artificial light,” Bruce noted. “I respect the skill of fine sewing, but not in the traditional sense of trimmings, pleats and swags, rather as a means to create modern architectural statements,” he added, a nod to the four distinct techniques he applies to Carnegie’s window fabrics, outlined below.


Inspired by modern architecture, the Reveal detail is created by hand-pulling yarns out of the fabric in small sections, creating a gap in the weave. The straight edge is perfectly aligned with the grain.


Rebelliously fashion forward, the Fringe technique whiskers the edge of the window fabric like a grazed hem. By not folding and stitching the fabric, it is allowed to hang naturally with elegance.


A modern technique to add a playful flourish to drapery designs. Two different colors can be partnered for fun options, or keep it monochromatic for a super clean look. The Zipper is a stylish solution that allows designers to mask or reveal architectural elements in their space.


To help create the Purl detail, a machine cuts the edge of the fabric while rolling it inside a tight purl stitch. This creates a beautiful straight finished edge that integrates seamlessly with light to mid-weight fabrics. Bruce then suggests using a contrasting color to accentuates the crisp, clean line like a well-sharpened pencil.

About Carnegie

Carnegie is a leading manufacturer and innovator of textiles in North America. Since 1950, the family-owned company has established a tradition of firsts, including the development of its own Xorel® fabrics, which provide a durable alternative to PVC materials and Biobased Xorel, the first plant based high performance textile in the world. In addition, Carnegie has built a reputation for its ongoing and comprehensive commitment to the environment through all parts of its business cycle by being a member of the Be Original organization, maintaining a B Corp certification, and by establishing themselves as the first and only interior textiles PVC-free company in the industry.