Carl Hansen & Søn Presents the Sideways Footstool

Carl Hansen & Søn is extending its collaboration with Danish designer Rikke Frost to present the Sideways Footstool – A versatile and comfortable piece of furniture made of natural materials, ideal for both private homes and public spaces.

Rikke Frost is known for combining classic design with a modern approach, and her designs always employ outstanding craftsmanship to achieve a high degree of functionality. This is clear in the new Sideways Footstool, whose generous upholstery and elegant joinery makes it just as comfortable to sit on as it is beautiful to look at. Its shape effortlessly complements the Sideways Sofa, but the footstool can be used as a standalone piece of furniture or in a group to create a welcoming lounge environment.

The Sideways Footstool is characterized by its soft shape and fine details that make reference to the Sideways Sofa; for example, through the solid wooden frame and the distinctive legs, highlighting the elegance of the wooden features in the same way as the sofa does. The organic silhouette of the footstool is a classic trademark of the designer’s work, and as Rikke Frost says herself: “The round shape of the footstool is no coincidence. I’ve realized that I always sneak something round and soft into my designs. In addition, I love working with combinations of materials, which is also a key element in the design of this piece.”

The footstool has been developed in close cooperation between Rikke Frost and the skilled craftsmen at Carl Hansen & Søn, and the seat upholstery in particular posed something of a challenge. The textile is cut from a single piece of

material and has to be stretched over the foam so that the weave of the fabric remains straight without wrinkling – a task which only the most experienced upholsterers can master.

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Søn, says: “The Sideways Footstool is the third collaboration between Rikke Frost and Carl Hansen & Søn, in addition to the Sideways Sofa from 2020 and the Petal Lamp which was launched last year. We are thrilled to be working with Frost, not only because she understands our design heritage and the pride we take in our craftsmanship, but also because she always takes natural materials and enduring classic designs as her starting point.”

Rikke Frost says, “I really appreciate the collaboration with the extremely skilled craftsmen at Carl Hansen & Søn, and the mutual respect we have for each other’s competencies. It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with one of the foremost players within Danish furniture design.”

The RF1903F Sideways Footstool is available in stores from January 2023.


Recommended retail price
UDS 1,730 excl. VAT

Dimensions (in)
Height 16.1”, depth 29.8”, width 29.8”

Frame: FSCÒ-certified oak (FSC C135991)
Upholstery: Textile