Carl Hansen & Søn Presents a Collaborative Exhibition with Female Design Council Focused on Craftsmanship

Woven with Reed by Dee Clements
Ninja Turtle Mirror, detail, by Anna Rindos

Craft in Transition merges the dynamic artwork of 12 established and emerging artists and designers of the Female Design Council with Carl Hansen & Søn’s heritage furniture in a collaborative exhibition that celebrates craftsmanship, process and thoughtful design.

Curated by Lora Appleton, Founder of the Female Design Council, the featured works share a colorful story behind their handicraft and their ability to breathe artistry into our daily lives. The exhibition features sculpture, ceramic, furniture and fiber art by Anna Rindos, Arati Rao, Arielle Assouline – Lichten, Colleen Carlson, Dee Clements, Elodie Blanchard, Fernanda Uribe, Kate Danessa, Kristin Victoria Barron, Luam Melake, Rhinanon Griego and Yolande Milan Batteau.

Making is a constant inquiry; a balance of working towards perfection and sinking into the process, with both materials and time. For artists and makers, there are many times of transition in their lives that are reflected within their work. From the Golden Age of Danish Design to this now post-COVID world, artists have championed transitional periods by immersing themselves in their craft. As artists continue to shift, pivot and refocus, it is within these times–of movement, growth and transformation—that their practice of making brings discovery.

I am honored to work with heritage brand Carl Hansen & Søn to curate a dynamic show of art and design featuring works made by women of the FDC. Having the beautiful collection of Danish design furniture classics as a backdrop, I have brought together a contemporary collection of female made work showcasing color, innovation and unique works to an already progressive brand. I could not be happier to see the dedication of Carl Hansen & Søn to bringing women to the forefront,” says Lora Appleton, Founder of the Female Design Council.

The artists and designers featured in Craft in Transition share a process-driven practice, a dedication to using their hands to make their unique visions come to life. The exhibition highlights artists whose intricacy and repetition has resulted in stringent designs, dynamic artworks, thoughtful use of repurposed materials and the ability to make beauty out of trash and raw goods. Although the works span different histories and concepts, Craft in Tradition showcases the future of intricate craft, timeless design and contemporary relevance that stands the test of time.

Parts That Fell Away, detail by Luam Melake

“The Female Design Council has been a source of inspiration for me these past few years and we are thrilled to showcase their artists’ amazing talent,” says Sherri Simko, Director of North America at Carl Hansen & Søn. “An exhibition that highlights the work of women artisans alongside our most beloved crafted pieces from Danish masters is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the connection between thoughtful use of materiality and excellent workmanship. Our showroom and furnishings offer the perfect medium to highlight this synergy.”

The exhibition will be open to the public, Tuesday, May 10 through Friday May 20, at Carl Hansen & Søn’s New York Showroom. Open on weekdays from 10:00am – 4:00pm and closed on Saturday and Sunday. Visit at:

Carl Hansen & Søn New York Showroom
251 Park Ave South, Floor 13 New York, NY 10010
+1 347 354 0589

Mon-Fri: 10am – 4pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday.