California-Based Designers Join Quintus LA Showroom

The Los Angeles-based luxury furniture maker and distributor, Quintus, announces the addition of Philip Nimmo and Kimberly Denman to their LA showroom. The two California-based designers join Quintus’ carefully curated selection of contemporary home furnishings.

“We are so pleased to represent these talented designers at Quintus Los Angeles,” says Jobi Blachy, CEO of Quintus. “We are always looking for quality brands that match our values and both Philip Nimmo and Kimberly Denman are an exceptional match.”

Philip Nimmo

A rare prodigy in the world of interior design and high-end products, Los Angeles-based Philip Nimmo’s career began with fireplace screens and tools, and later transitioned to luxury sofas, cabinets, tables and lighting. Nimmo honors his beginnings by incorporating metal into each design. Approaching his work as objects d’art, each of Nimmo’s pieces are unique and complete with a signature and number.

“We create collectible furnishings that will stand the test of time— the antiques of the future,” adds Philip Nimmo. He continues, “Each is handmade to last, with the highest quality craftsmanship. The superior artisanal work is displayed through the tight seams and hidden details throughout all our work.”

Kimberly Denman

Kimberly Denman’s ability to create pieces that are as comfortable as they are beautiful distinguishes her as a designer. A perpetual student of art and style, her influences are deep and varied. She constantly incorporates new shapes, materials and techniques into her work, deliberately blurring the lines between art, sculpture, and furniture. Kimberly DENMAN Inc is a joint venture between Kimberly and her business partner, Laurent Rebuffel, a second generation antique dealer.

“The focus is on ease and comfort with beautifully treated, quality materials,” says Kimberly. “The attention to detail must be unwavering. Every stitch, every texture, every curve or angle, must be just so. Quintus understands that, and that is why we are so happy to be joining them.”

Nimmo and Denman’s designs are available alongside other Quintus-represented brands through its website and West Hollywood showroom, located at the Pacific Design Center in suite B527.

About Quintus

Quintus is a Los Angeles-based maker and distributor of its own luxury home furnishings. Leading with exceptional design and industry-best customer service, Quintus employs the finest artisans in the world and produces its furniture exclusively in the USA. Acquired by Jobst Blachy in 2014, the company has a full range of 200 designs that include wood and upholstered furniture. Roger Thomas, renowned designer of Wynn Hotels, joined Blachy as an equity partner in 2015. They aspire to make the most exciting maker of luxury home furnishings in the world and are supporting this goal with investment in new technology and a world-class manufacturing facility with LEAN processes.