BuzziSpace Presents Acoustic Lighting and Color Experience at Light + Building 2022

BuzziSpace, the Belgian furniture, acoustic, and lighting company introduced a new vision for happy and healthy workplaces at the Light + Building fair last week at Messe Frankfurt.

BuzziSpace’s installation, centered around the theme ‘Power of Acoustics and Color’, featured a vibrant display of acoustic lighting solutions, customized in a variety of bold colors and fabrics, to emphasize the positive impact these two factors have on improving well-being at the workplace or home. The display featured BuzziChip, BuzziPleat Edel Long, and BuzziShield Light, among other iconic lighting solutions. Each acoustic solution can be customized in the wide array of BuzziSpace’s colorful felts and fabrics, to encourage visitors to stand out, not blend in.

BuzziSpace – Acoustic Lighting Introductions

BuzziChip is a lighting pendant featuring soft, whimsical curves in a voluminous upholstered foam body. The thick upholstered body creates a cozy environment while absorbing excessive noise and can be customized in a wide range of fabrics and colors to emphasize its playful design or tone it down to suit various décor needs. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, fitted with BuzziSol solo, trio, or quintet lights, the versatility makes it perfect for individual tables or smaller gathering areas, as well as larger collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, and reception areas.

BuzziPleat Edel Long is a large-scale yet lightweight sculptural form that can be suspended from the ceiling or wall-mounted to absorb excessive noise. Designed by 13&9 Design, this addition to the BuzziPleat family uses expert craftsmanship to reinterpret ancient techniques of smocking and pleating used in fashion design. The architectural folds deliver excellent acoustic performance by trapping mid and low tones and keeping sound waves from bouncing around on hard surfaces. A perfect balance between a piece of art and a powerful acoustic performer, various BuzziPleat Edel Long models can be combined and suspended at varying heights to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind ceiling. With a wide range of bold colors and fabrics, BuzziPleat Edel Long can be customized to complement furnishings and décor within various environments, such as workplaces, lobbies or homes.

BuzziShield Light is BuzziSpace’s first linear lighting solution that is fully integrated into an upholstered core. Elegantly combining the acoustic capabilities of a voluminous body with the addition of functional, dimmable light, this acoustic light is suited for any workspace. Due to its soft curvature, BuzziShield Light instantly creates a warm and welcoming environment, and can be placed next to each other in a continuous line to establish an eye-catching ceiling above a group of desks, counters, or even in a lobby.