BuzziSpace Lowers Carbon Footprint With New BuzziFabric

BuzziSpace is excited to share that their BuzziFabrics are now made from 100% recycled raw materials in an effort to continuously lower their carbon footprint.  Since their inception in 2007, BuzziSpace has been committed to achieving the positive changes they want to see in the industry.

BuzziFabric, most commonly used to upholster the wide range of BuzziSpace products, now comprises 100% recycled raw materials: 70% recycled wool, 25% recycled polyacrylic, and 5% recycled rags. BuzziFabric is produced in Europe and tested by suppliers to ensure it meets certification and environmental standards around the world. Additionally, the brand is conscious of BuzziFabric’s supply chain. Throughout the production of their high-quality and durable upholstery materials, BuzziSpace considers the conditions of saving water, energy, and workers’ rights, as well as reducing soil emissions and CO2.

BuzziSpace invests in handcrafting durable products with high-quality materials, which in the long run, produce less waste. With craftsmanship and timeless design at the forefront of all of the brand’s initiatives, BuzziFabrics  are not only sustainable, they’re also made to last.