BuzziSpace Appoints New CEO & Announces New Role for Former CEO and Founder

Tommaso Baldini

We have the pleasure to inform you that Tommaso Baldini has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, effective October 1st. Tommaso will succeed Steve Symons, who will be appointed as the President of the Supervisory Board.

Tommaso Baldini has a degree in Law from the University of Milan and a Master’s in Business Administration and Management from the University of Bradford (UK). His vast experience in global sales spans over 10 years, including working at Pedrali, Albini, and Metalbottoni. He joined BuzziSpace in 2021 as Sales Director International and has since established and extended the international agent net- work, integrated the customer service team into the sales organization and created, together with his team, a solid foundation for future growth.

In this new role, Tommaso will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of BuzziSpace and will work closely with Steve on product design direction. Regarding daily management and implementation of strategy, Tommaso will work closely with the management team. With the change of command, Genevieve Lemire, Director North America for BuzziSpace, has accepted the role of Chief Commercial Officer. Genevieve will oversee the global sales organization for both International and North America.

“I am very excited to take up this new role and continue to build not only a strong brand but also a strong organization with a very high focus on customer experience,” shares Tommaso Baldini, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. “BuzziSpace, still being a young company, has huge potential and opportunities in this ever-changing environment. We will continue to advocate ‘tune out the noise, tune in on the wellbeing.’

Steve Symons, founding father and CEO of BuzziSpace since 2007, has led the company to fill up a gap in the contract market. Over the years, he has also managed to change the industry of room acoustics one step at a time due to his entrepreneurial spirit and product design direction.

As of today, BuzziSpace is still the pioneer and purveyor when it comes to room acoustics and creating happy and healthy spaces around the world. Steve, President of the Supervisory Board, in close collaboration with Tommaso, will continue to play a vital role in the company’s growth and innovation by focusing on product design, attracting young design talent for future collaborations, and expanding the company’s network and strategic partnerships.

“Definitely the most interesting 16 years of my professional career! Starting with a small skeleton crew to an organization of over 150 people. More than proud and happy to hand over the ship to Tommaso and the Buzzi Team,” shares Steve Symons, President of the Supervisory Board. “At the same time, I am eager to continue to foster, feed and nurture the organization with my vision and market experience. I strongly believe Tommaso will continue to keep the sales and marketing focus within the company and add that sparkle of customer experience to it.”

About BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace creates solu0ons for happy and healthy spaces around the world. With a mission to improve well-being through human-centric design, the Belgian brand provides unique acoustic solutions, lighting, and furnishings to meet the demands of the modern workplace and beyond.

Founded in 2007, BuzziSpace has grown into an award-winning acoustics leader. The Antwerp-based company has established an international presence with showrooms in Antwerp, London, New York, and Chicago, including a manufacturing facility in Bladel (NL).