Buro Happold Adds Offices and Innovative Leaders, Strengthening Growth Across the U.S.: Atlanta, San Diego

Pursuing a forward-looking trajectory and new growth, Buro Happold has advanced its leadership in engineering and consulting with key appointments in markets where they now have growing offices: Atlanta and San Diego. Continuing to add new talent and innovators across the United States, its most recent hires include the 2021 LEED Fellow and principal Stanton Stafford, and Brooks Stout, a principal and a noted expert in the areas of laboratory and cleanroom design.

According to Buro Happold, the internationally renowned engineering practice and consultancy, the firm’s strategic hires serve growth in key market sectors as well as geographic strength.

Stanton Stafford

Based in Atlanta, Stafford is trained as a mechanical engineer and began the launch of Buro Happold’s Atlanta office earlier this year. He plays an essential role in the firm’s expansion across the Southeastern United States, bringing several decades of experience to his new role as well as extensive work as a volunteer to ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. He serves as the immediate past chair of the ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.8, which addresses Buildings Environmental Impacts & Sustainability. In this role, he helped develop a new ASHRAE standard for evaluating the performance of zero-energy, zero-carbon buildings, adding new depth to Buro Happold’s global leadership in sustainability and carbon reduction.

Brooks Stout

Stout, also a principal at Buro Happold, is focusing on expanding the firm’s footprint in the San Diego region. With an extensive background in project procurement, design and management, Stout is well regarded for his expertise in the management and implementation of laboratory-related engineering efforts and cleanroom design. His experience as a laboratory design mechanical engineer covers a particularly wide range, including the design of specialized cleanroom facilities, HVAC systems and laboratory ventilation, and process gas piping and exhaust systems. Stout brings in-depth expertise in designing projects in such specialized sectors as nanotechnology, materials characterization and biotechnology, as well as with clients in public and private universities, institutional and civic organizations, as well as K-12 educators.

Stout and Stafford are both available as expert sources to the media. As Buro Happold strives to set new examples raising the standards of science-based, sustainable design and development, the experience of these key experts will bring even greater insights to the table. Invigorating the firm’s work in the zero carbon and healthcare science and technology sectors, these and other new additions to the team are an essential facet in Buro Happold’s growth and plans for the future.

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