Brentano Launches Fall Favorite Things Collection

Like a song on repeat, the Brentano Design Studio’s latest collection is a compilation of patterns and textures that bring to life their hearts’ desire. 

Commemorating the Brentano design team’s revered colorwork and extensive artistic expertise, the Fall Favorite Things collection is a celebration of color and design. A fun and challenging mash up of textiles, Favorite Things features useable anchor fabrics, painterly wonders, and nostalgic throwbacks.

Brentano’s most sustainable collection yet, Favorite Things is the first to feature a PFAS-Free Stain Repellent. With eyes on the future, the Brentano Design Studio looks to create a more environmentally friendly world that will remain sustainable and safe for generations to come. “In order for us to be sustainable on this earth, we need to be united together to conserve materials, reduce impact and protect the environment,” says Iris Wang, Founder and Artistic Director. “We want to produce recycled or biodegradable yarn to do that and be minful of the chemicals used in finishes on our products.”

Brentano 4373 – Laelia
Brentano 4375 – Beallara (L-R) Tuxedo Cat, Jungle Vines, Desert Cardinal, Bluestar Blossom, Cottage Rose, Auburn Sunset, Mountain Hydrangea, Kentish Belle

Highlights for the Favorite Things Collection include new vibrant multi-colored, organic patterns, Laelia and Beallara. Botanical masterpieces that provide a modern take on more traditional organic patterns all while providing the performance needed across multiple market segments.

Two new Sunbrella patterns provide different extremes in design. From the soft and painterly cloud shapes of Pastel to the bold and vibrant tessellations found in Vitreum.

Completing the collection, Brentano makes a return to embroidered vegan leathers with the geometric wonder, Revere which utilizes Brentano silicone, Polyurethane, hybrid vegan leather as its base.

Featuring 14 textiles and one wallcovering, Favorite Things is a collection representing the many ways the Brentano Design Studio sets itself apart. Whether through novelty yarns, brilliant and bold pattern work, or distinct performance textiles, the design team’s diligent and focused pursuit of their craft and creating meaningful and luxurious fabrics is on full display.

About Brentano:

The Brentano Design Studio, led by Iris Wang, has grown from a modest eight patterns in 1990, into an international source for residential, hospitality and commercial fabrics and wallcoverings. The range has expanded to include luxurious vegan leathers, sophisticated indoor/outdoor choices, dynamic stain resistant and easy clean finish options, as well as a beautiful collection of eco-friendly textiles.