Bolon Studio is Back

Swedish flooring brand Bolon announced the relaunch of Bolon Studio –¬†curated shapes for hyper-personalized flooring – a reshaped Bolon concept, now with endless possibilities and available to US designers exclusively through Matter Surfaces.

Bolon Studio¬†is stepping onto eternal geometry. This time geometric,¬†graphic, and organic shapes resurface as super¬†creative flooring. “Creativity is the ability to combine existing ideas and make new ones. What we have created with the Bolon Studio concept is a tool to reshape the world of flooring,” says¬†Lisa Jarhult, Product Developer and Designer at Bolon.

Simple shapes at first glance, but when put together these curated tiles build eye-catching immersive expressions, by mixing and matching textures and colors from the existing Bolon collections.

On offer are nine different geometric, graphic and organic shapes, in a variety of sizes Рa kaleidoscope of wondrous flooring designs made possible, by mixing and matching textures and colors from the Bolon collections.

Bolon Studio is made by weaving looms in Ulricehamn, Sweden, using recycled material and renewable energy.