BIFMA Announces Enhanced level® Certified Product Database

BIFMA level® Website Introduces Enhanced Search Capability

bifma-levelThe level® certified product database has been enhanced to allow purchasers to identify furniture products that meet specific sustainability criteria.

The level standard includes many credits that map directly to LEED, WELL and other green building rating system credits, such as Low Emitting Materials. Input from specifiers has reinforced the importance of communicating exactly how level certified products support green-building projects. The new database functionality allows users to search on specific sustainability criteria to find products that have the potential to contribute to their projects.

The level database technology platform aligns with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Sustainable Facilities Tool. This provides procurement officials with access to furniture products that meet their purchasing needs through a program recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The level searchable product database can be accessed by clicking the Certified Products tab on the level home page at For more information on the BIFMA standard or level website, please contact Brad Miller at BIFMA (



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