Beyond the Desk – Spacestor Launches a Program of Immersive Events

The Spacestor London Design Centre recently hosted the Workspace Habitat Event, an enlightening celebration of sustainable initiatives and ideas aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the workplace and helping the industry highlight circular and regenerative opportunities. This event, which took place on the 19th of September, marked the first event in Spacestor’s program of immersive not-to-be-missed events.

Offering a wide range of engaging activities and experiences, the Workspace Habitat included a masterclass conducted by Osmose Studio on “Building with Mycelium.” This fascinating session delved deep into the potential of mycelium as a material for natural furnishings and building components. Attendees took part in a hands-on workshop where they learnt the fundamentals of creating mycelium structures, and the after care that is needed.

Vantage Spaces, Spacestor’s showroom partner, took attendees on a journey through the benefits of biophilic design, beyond aesthetics, including improved air quality, wellbeing, biodiversity, and employee connection. “Sustainability & Spacestor” presented an expert perspective on how their products can contribute towards corporate client’s sustainability goals, with discussions on Declare Labels, material transparency, and Spacestor’s journey to achieving Net Zero, as well as a showcase of cutting-edge recycled and regenerative materials Spacestor’s in house R&D team are experimenting with currently.

An attendee from Knotel, global workspace provider says the event was “A very enjoyable and insightful day. I really enjoyed the hands-on workshop and learning about new sustainable materials in design. Thank you to the Spacestor team for putting on a great event!” The Workspace Habitat provided an insightful glimpse into the multifaceted world of sustainability in the workplace, from furniture and design to materials, biophilia, and emerging innovative concepts.

Spacestor has a rich line-up of events for the workplace industry going forward. During these immersive evenings, attendees can discover and immerse themselves in our architectural space-defining furniture, seamlessly blending California Cool with London Design. Explorations into inclusivity, sustainability, and flexibility provide valuable insights into essential workplace considerations and innovation is ignited through the exploration of cutting-edge experiments the furniture manufacturer is leading currently. Guests can also traverse the biophilic design landscape with Vantage Spaces, Spacestor’s planting partner, exploring the many facets of nature-inspired design.

All evenings have an element of kinaesthetic, tactile experience, with hands-on workshops and practical learning opportunities, as well as competitions to flourish creativity and compete for prizes.

Join Spacestor for one of the below not-to-be-missed events at our London Design Centre by registering your interest here!

Upcoming Events:

Terrarium & Tequila: Date: October 4th, 5 pm-7:30 pm

Pumpkins & Prosecco: Date: October 26th, 5 pm-7:30 pm

Science of Scent: Date: November 16th, 5 pm-7:30 pm

Wreath Making & Mulled Wine: Date: December 7th, 5 pm-7:30 pm

Register your interest here and we will provide you with more details soon!

About Spacestor:

Spacestor is the creator of architectural, space-defining furniture that seamlessly blends California cool with London Design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established itself as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, but today, the company holds offices in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City – giving them a unique position to observe and learn from some of the most creative and successful global companies. From their long-term engagements with clients like Google, JP Morgan, and Pfizer, Spacestor knows how a sustainable workspace environment drives organizational goals, whether building great team culture in a hybrid world or exciting people to be back in the office again.