Bentley Mills Launches Modern Curator Collection No. 1

Bentley Mills is starting the New Year off strong with its Modern Curator Collection No. 1 launch.

Inspired by widening perspectives to shape and shift how others see and share the world, Modern Curator channels our inner curator that fuels innovation, creativity and collaboration. Moody and a little edgy but created to coexist in engaging ways, the collection offers three styles:

  • Look Sharp: a finely composed texture, formal and orderly, in a slightly less predictable blend of soft, pooling hues and shades
  • Seeing Things: like found objects bound together, positive and negative spaces form geometries that are entirely new, yet deeply familiar
  • Trained Eye: look closely and see dashed lines that seem gestural, almost delicate. Stand back to see how they assemble, establishing a sweeping scale
Look Sharp
Murmur 400087
Herringbone 18 in x 36 in
Seeing Things
Intuition 400090
Quarter Turn 24 in x 24 in
Trained Eye
Direct 400091
Monolithic 18 in x 36 in