Bentley Launches New Carpet Collection


Invisible Visionaries Collection from Bentley Gives Behind-the-Scenes Designers a Standing Ovation

 Inspired by behind-the-scenes masters of their crafts, Bentley launches Invisible Visionaries, a new collection that spotlights the details, and the designers, that give light and life to everyday experiences. The suite of three broadloom and carpet tile styles – Allegro™, Interlude™ and Backstage™ – specifically applauds the tremendous talent of costume designers, and the grit and grace they bring to every performance.

With its nod to the fabrics of the trade, Allegro explores the juxtaposition of the delicate nature of what a dancer wears and the physicality of how that costume must perform. While Allegro represents movement, Interlude examines craft, and the constant pleating and pinning of each fitting. The textured repetition in Interlude references the complexity of patternmaking and the way it translates fibers to form. Backstage plays a supporting role for Allegro and Interlude, drawing its inspiration from the quiet energy found in the wings as the curtain sets to rise. This pattern has a subtle, hushed movement that grounds the other two styles.

“Costume designers are true artisans, yet their critical role in the success of any production is often overlooked and undervalued,” explains Ginger Gilbert, vice president of product design and development for Bentley. “A costume designer spends unimaginable hours creating fabric personas for each member that steps upon the stage, ensuring effortless fit and capturing vision while meeting performance expectations. We know designers and architects alike follow this same process, unseen yet leaving their magnificent mark as each newly designed space comes to life.”

Allegro and Interlude feature a palette of 12 classic colors; Backstage is available in 16 understated yet sophisticated colors. Designed to perform, the products are made with Antron® Lumena™ Type 6,6 Solution- Dyed Nylon and feature the latest in tufting and color technology. The products are available in 18-inch x 36- inch and 24-inch square carpet tiles and 12-foot, 6-inch broadloom, and backed by NexStep® Cushion Tile, AFIRMA II™ Hardback Tile, AFFIXXtm Hardback Tile or High PerformancePC Broadloom backings.

Allegro, Interlude and Backstage are Cradle to Cradle Certified™, NSF® 140 certified, CRI Green Label Plus certified and produced in a LEED®-EB:OM Gold-certified manufacturing facility. Along with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs), the products also feature the Declare® label and have achieved LBC Compliant status through the Living Building Challenge.


About Bentley

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