Bendheim’s TurnKey Fusion Light Wall System Debuts At World-Class Research Center

Backlit LE’Diffusion™ glass from Bendheim at the University of Missouri’s Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building. Bendheim’s TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system allowed quick installation of the glass cladding and LED lights, with later application of a custom graphic film. [Photo credit: Michael Robinson Photography]
Easy installation, even light, and 360° technical support make vision a reality

A cutting-edge medical research facility at the University of Missouri has pioneered the use of the TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system, a complete solution for backlit glass cladding from Bendheim. Able to accommodate panels up to 8 feet in height for floor-to-ceiling illumination, the entire TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system is UL listed.

Located on the University’s flagship campus in Columbia, Mo., the entryway of the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building features Bendheim’s LE’Diffusion Safety Glass, vibrantly decorated with a custom graphic film. The TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system integrates Fusion LED backlighting panels into the company’s successful TurnKey system for mechanical attachment of interior glass. Glass panels are mounted using a simple rail and key system that requires no special tools—and they can be demounted just as easily for maintenance needs, or in the event of a redesign.

While any Bendheim laminated or tempered glass can be mounted with TurnKey Fusion, Bendheim’s LE’Diffusion glass is specifically designed to provide even, shadow-free dispersion of LED lighting over a maximum 8’ span. The Fusion LEDs have also been engineered to provide uniform light throughout the system. Just as importantly, the entire system hugs the wall with its minimal 2 1/16” overall depth.

Designed by Burns & McDonnell, the 265,000 square foot NextGen Precision Health center is designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration in the field of precision medicine, an approach to healthcare that is tailored to an individual’s genes, lifestyle and environment. In keeping with the program’s mission of hope, an MU faculty member used magnified cross-sections of her own late father’s lymphoma cells to create the entryway artwork.

The wall of Bendheim glass in the facility’s entry gave the architects a blank canvas–for a design which would be easy to update in the future. “We could have provided the graphic laminated inside the glass, but we chose to go with an applied film,” said Bendheim Vice President of Sales Said Elieh. “This allows us the ability to change the graphic later on. In addition, in order to meet the install deadline, we needed to order the hardware and glass before the graphic was finalized. We were able to complete the installation while the owner and architect finalized the design. This is a ground-breaking project, and we are excited to be part of it.”

“We sought a high quality of light from a technical, space and budget standpoint,’’ said Clint Blew, Senior Design Architect at Burns & McDonnell. “Bendheim’s system met those criteria. The light quality before the artwork was applied to the glass was incredibly clean and even, virtually no ghosting. Many claim to be able to achieve this, but few truly can, at least not on a budget that every client can afford. The Bendheim system is also engineered in such a way that we were able to integrate it into the building pretty effortlessly and flawlessly.”

With integrated Fusion LED panels and specially engineered LE’Diffusion™ glass, the TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system from Bendheim creates even, shadow-free illumination in the entryway of the NextGen Precision Health building. [Photo credit: Michael Robinson Photography]
“Bendheim’s was the most cost-effective solution for this project and the installation was a smooth process,” added glazier Ray Wells, owner of Central Missouri Glass. “The glass is right at the heart of the building, and it creates a visually striking appearance. We are proud of this work. It’s an important project for everyone here in Missouri.”

The TurnKey Fusion Light Wall system allows Bendheim to offer its project partners an all-in-one solution for backlit glass cladding. Bendheim can provide shop drawings, wiring diagrams, engineering calculations, and other forms of technical support at every stage. With no drilling and no adhesives, TurnKey Fusion Light Wall provides easy installation and gorgeous light quality–with flexibility for the future.

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