Beauty of Marble/Strength of Quartz


HanStone Quartz diversifies its product line today with the launch of a new marble-inspired collection, a trend favored by designers and architects. The Cascina Collection, named for an ancient village in Tuscany, pays homage to the old world with unique veining patterns and colors mirroring the look of Carrara marble. Made from pure, natural quartz, this collection is comprised of the strongest and most durable surface materials on the market, with an unparalleled level of sophistication and design.

“The Cascina Collection is the answer to the demand for marble-inspired surfaces that is becoming prominent in the design and architectural worlds,” says Bob Paradiso VP of Marketing for HanStone Quartz. “This collection delivers a level of old-world style with modern durability that is an elegant statement in any interior space.”

The new colors provide the same combination of stunning beauty and strength that has become the standard, making HanStone Quartz a preferred choice for architects, designers and consumers throughout the world. Non porous, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, these designs are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications.

The new collection consists of four fresh colors:

Italian Waves: Tuscan and classic. Proudly infused with rich grey veining, Italian Waves displays gorgeous movement with a glossy sheen.

Classic Statue: Subtle wispy veining is complemented by distinct contrasting darker-veined undertones within a stone white background and high-gloss sheen.

Tranquility: A distinct modern classic beauty. A purist crisp white marble with a feathery contrasting charcoal vein, Tranquility voices a timeless classic Tuscan appeal.

Serenity: Warm layered tones partnered with graceful wisps of umber and sienna, Serenity infuses classic old world charm with Tuscan antiquity.

HanStone Quartz is easy to maintain, eco-friendly, stain resistant, durable, nonporous and heat resistant. Unlike competitors, HanStone’s innovative approach enables the company to deliver the most consistent quality of product on the market today. Offering beauty tough enough to stand up to everyday life, with classic hues and movements, HanStone Quartz celebrates the natural world around us, while being on trend and appealing for all interior aspirations.

Hanwha Surfaces, based in Atlanta, GA, sells and markets high-quality surfacing products under HanStone Quartz and Hanex Solid Surfaces brand names. HanStone Quartz is the company’s flagship product that led to the opening of a state-of-the-art 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, Canada. Hanwha Surfaces is the North American subsidiary of Hanwha Living & Creative (Hanwha L&C), a South Korea based corporation. The entire collection of Hanwha Surfaces products can be viewed by visiting the Hanwha L&C | Surfaces website at