Balamp, a Lamp Worth its Weight | Italian Designer Andrea Cingoli Wins IF Design Award


Concepticon-Cingoli-Balamp-06-LR_1The Italian designer Andrea Cingoli wins the International IF Design Award 2016 prize in the lighting product category with Balamp, a smart occasional table or bedside lamp that works just like a balance: it turns on and off on the based of the weight of the objects placed upon it.

The International prize has been awarded on February 26th during the impressive Award Ceremony inside of the futuristic BMW Museum in Monaco, Germany.

The lighting design object Balamp designed by Concepticon studio Andrea Cingoli designer aims to live in symbiosis with the context around it (it serves as a place to put your personal things and objects) but its form is extremely refined. It does not allow any analog method of setting and in order to set Balamp (clock, alarm, tone and colour tone) you use a cell phone app, which makes it truly one of a kind.

Concepticon-Cingoli-Balamp-07-LR_1“I am very proud of the iF Design Award – explains the designer Andrea Cingoli  – because the Balamp lamp shows very well the essence of my way of designing. I do strong believe that innovation is the only way of dealing effectively with a hugely competitive and purposeful market, and this is the reason why I explore and reinterpret the daily reality giving new meanings, unexpected shapes and functionality to design products”.

The product: Balamp

Design CONCEPTICON studio Andrea Cingoli, Italy; Partner in R&D Giromari S.r.l., Italy

Concepticon-Cingoli-Balamp-09-LR_1Everyday we observe our habits, our lifestyle, the trends that brings us to consider the natural evolution of how things work, keeping them in the same format, but with more and more functions. This is the case of Balamp, a bedside lamp whose function is based on the weight of the objects placed upon it: by placing objects on Balamp and then pushing down its dish, the weight is registered and the lamp remains off. If you lift one of the objects off of it, like for instance a glass of water, Balamp turns on with a dim light so that you can have illumination without disturbing your partner. If you then put the removed object back, the lamp recognizes the weight and turns itself off.

When Balamp turns on, the incorporated alarm clock displays the time for a few seconds by projecting it onto the beside dresser.

To turn on Balamp with a higher intensity, all you have to do is push the top plate and keep it pressed to turn off the LED dimmer function.

The top plate is also a wireless battery charger that allows cell phones to be charged just by putting them on it.

Materials: dark brushed steel, polycarbonate, polished polymer for inductive charging, electrical equipment, dimmable LED strip, scratch-proof film; sizes 30Lx30Wx 5H (cm).

The iF Design Award

Each year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design competitions: the iF Design Award.

Since 1953, IF Design Award has followed six guiding principles: to identify, support and promote good design, to raise awareness of design among the public and the role it plays in our lives, to help companies integrate design into their long-term strategies, to safeguard the role of professional designer and boost awareness for this job profile, to effect social change through design and to support talented young designers.

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