Back to Business Desk Lamps

As the summer season comes to a close its time to get back to work! Whether its school or the office, everyone needs a desk lamp that is functional, but still adds a touch of personality. See below for popular style desk lamps from the Italian lighting brand FLOS that solve all kinds of office & desk solutions.


The No-Space Desk Lamp

If a desk lacks space for anything but the usual computer and stack of papers, Piani does double the duty by offering a gorgeous glow and a catch-all tray for knick-knacks. Available in black, green, red and white.


Adjustable Light

The Kelvin family of table lights blend style and function with a beautiful result. The adjustable lamp head offers direct light with certain models using a daylight sensor and motion detector that, when activated, will automatically adjust light output according to the brightness of its surroundings.

D’E Light

Need a Charger?

Get smart with D’E Light, the desk lamp that also serves as a charging device. Users can choose which type of connector they want or opt for no charge connectivity. Compatible for charging with all Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, and all non-Apple devices including HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

IC Lights

Unique and Modern

IC Lights are a fresh take on the traditional table lamp. The geometric design is available in three table sizes and two finishes for the perfect fall desk upgrade.