ATI Decorative Laminates Introduces MirroFlex™ Faux Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

ATI Decorative Laminates.MirroFlex™ Faux Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

ATI Decorative Laminates, the leader in innovative laminate surfaces for hospitality, contract and retail markets introduces MirroFlex™ faux mineral fiber ceiling tiles.

“Customers can now replace their standard mineral fiber ceilings with a long-lasting solution that prevents dirty, water stained ceilings,” said President Tara Burgio. “These faux mineral fiber ceiling tiles are waterproof thermoplastic ceiling tiles that provide flexibility, durability and an easy to clean surface.”

Available in 2′ x 2′ size for lay-in ceiling applications, this revolutionary tile is flat with tegular/revealed edges which allows the panel to drop below the grid providing unique architectural dimension. Ideal for new construction or renovation projects, they are fire retardant, easy to install and they can be used in existing 15/16″ grid systems. When used with existing mineral fiber tiles, ATI’s faux mineral fiber ceiling tiles eliminate the need to discard current materials in the landfill, supporting their effort in sustainability.

ATI also offers an easy-to-install, hold-down clip system to help support lay-in ceiling tiles. This clip system attaches to the top of any existing grid to hold lay-in ceiling tiles (low or high profile) in place, preventing the tiles from flipping out of place from air leaks and creating a smooth visual. The clip system is only necessary if there are no existing tiles in place to support new MirroFlex lay-in ceiling tiles.

MirroFlex faux mineral fiber ceiling tiles have a low minimum order quantity and are ready to ship in two weeks or less, packaged in 12-packs to match industry standard.

About ATI Decorative Laminates
ATI Decorative Laminates is the leader in innovative laminate surfaces for the hospitality, contract and retail markets. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, ATI designs and manufactures wall panels, ceiling tiles, backsplashes and trims in every substrate from thermoplastics and FRP to glass and wood. The company’s focus on leadership, customer service and cutting-edge technology earned it ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certifications. For more information, visit Connect with ATI via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.