ATI Decorative Laminates Has Solutions For A COVID World

ATI Decorative Laminates Expands NuMetal Collection for Wider Variety and Customer Satisfaction

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, ATI Decorative Laminates offers solutions for the new reality of COVID-19 in hospitality, office and healthcare spaces.

The most recent innovation by ATI is Deco-Defender. Using ATI’s LuxCore Plus (a translucent, decorative FRP panel) as an insert, it allows for a stylish accent piece that protects against the spread of COVID-19, and further enforces social distancing. This protective and decorative barrier/partition is stain, fingerprint, abrasion, and chemical resistant. The Deco-Defender is a lightweight, easy to move accent piece that comes in two different sizes, making it a perfect fit for any consumer-oriented business.

Along with the Deco-Defender product, ATI’s MirroFlex line has been tested for compatibility with the use of anti-viral disinfectants that are used to kill the COVID-19 virus. Through a test completed by Diversey Hygiene Company, MirroFlex products passed when wiped and soaked in three different disinfectants (Virex Plus, Oxivir Five 16 and Virex TB), some of which are listed by the EPA to use against COVID-19.

Lastly, ATI has the option of applying a matte, antimicrobial coating that can be used on most of clear substrates from the Fusion line. With this coating, ATI’s products stop the growth of germs right on the spot.

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ATI Decorative Laminates’ MirroFlex line allows for complete customization and does not fade when cleaned with solutions that kill COVID-19.

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