Artaic Launches Two New Tile Mosaic Designs | Twine + Sediment

Artaic launched two new tile mosaic designs: Twine, now living under the ReSalvage Collection, and Sediment, part of the Naturally Refined Collection. Each offer a refined, unique aesthetic for every environment – from residential, commercial, hospitality and beyond – and are applicable for statement flooring installations, feature walls, or ceilings (and even pools!). Manufactured in the company’s Boston, MA based facility, each mosaic is customizable and made to order, utilizing proprietary robotic technology.

Twine, a bold arrangement of tangled rope, is a mural that creates a modern textural focal piece. Shown in 1/2″ Sintered Glass below, Twine is infinitely customizable by any tile type, size, or color.

Sediment is an eye-catching, artistic expression of color that ranges from natural, soft hues to bright, bold pops of color.  Shown below in 3/8″ Vitreous Glass, Sediment too is fully customizable.