Arper Announces its Move to Fulton Market

Arper, the global design brand that envisions products for the ways we live, has signed a lease for its new location in Chicago’s vibrant Fulton Market district. A departure from its previous showroom at The Merchandise Mart, this relocation marks an important milestone for Arper as it joins an elite ensemble of top-tier design brands making this strategic shift.

Regarding the move, Amy Storek, CEO Arper Americas states “North America remains the cornerstone for Arper’s continued global growth. The move to Fulton Market puts us at the center of one of the most vibrant urban areas, offering the best mix of retail, hospitality, and living. This new flagship will give a broader audience access to our beautiful designs, interpreted in a modern environment showcasing how Arper supports healthy and balanced living.”

Scheduled to open in the last quarter of 2023, Arper’s newest design center will serve as an immersive experience hub for clients and industry professionals. The space invites guests to delve into the brand’s narrative, showcasing an extensive assortment of Arper’s furniture solutions in a way that surpasses traditional exhibitions.

The Fulton Market location embodies Arper’s strategic approach to “The Project of Living”. As a global influencer in versatile, responsive design, Arper embraces the evolving dynamics of life and work through its focus on the relationships between people and space. The driving principle behind the new space is one that encourages exploration and discovery, while also showcasing Arper’s legacy of innovation and craftsmanship. It is here where bold colors and texture-rich materials meet to create an environment that stimulates inspiration and fosters connections with the design community, customers, and partners. Visitors will be able to directly experience how Arper’s products integrate into the rhythm of daily life, defining a new standard for brand engagement.

To learn more about Arper and to stay up to date on related brand news, visit the Arper website.

About Arper

Arper is a global design brand that envisions products for the way we live. Founded in Italy in 1989 by the Feltrin family, Arper offers, through empathetic and enduring designs, a perspective on contemporary living that increasingly requires fluidity and versatility.  Arper approaches design through The Project of Living, a dialogue that embraces change, whether it concerns the world as a whole or people as they evolve. Sustainability plays a central role for Arper, which aims to become a leading example of a responsible business, by integrating sustainability into the organization’s culture, processes and products.

The company employs a total of 280 people in Italy and abroad. Arper owns 15 spaces around the world. Of these, six are the headquarters of the Group’s subsidiaries: New York, (Arper USA), Dubai (Arp Middle East), London (Arper UK), Tokyo (Arper Japan), Shanghai (Arper China) and Mexico City (Arper LATAM).  Locations in Milan, Cologne, Amsterdam, Oslo, Chicago and Los Angeles are used as design centers that are resources for Arper’s partners and customers offering full immersion in the Arper brand.

About Arper USA

Part of the Arper group and headquartered in New York City, Arper USA was founded in 2008. The branch now operates via three different flagship locations: New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In 2018, Arper opened a 100,200-square-foot production facility in High Point, North Carolina. This plant was Arper’s first of what is a growing network of manufacturing locations outside of the company’s headquarters in Treviso, marking a significant shift towards a more global business model.