Arnold Contract Celebrates 60 Years of Engineered Solutions

Continuing the tradition of fine American contract furniture

Arnold Contract continues its year-long celebration of 60 years as a contract furniture manufacturer.

A design-driven approach, thoughtful growth, and constant momentum have made Arnold Contract what it is today: one of the most recognized corporate and institutional furniture manufacturers in America.

“Arnold Contract has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past 60 years,” said partner Glenn Arnold. “Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering unique contract furniture solutions of enduring quality and style.”

In the 1950s, cousins Julius and Eddie Arnold immigrated from Germany to New Jersey. They worked alongside each other in a cabinet woodshop in Newark before branching out on their own, establishing Arnold Furniture in 1962. The cousins quickly shifted from building architectural drafting tables to contract grade desks, bookcases, tables, and more.

The following decades saw Arnold adding a few specialized divisions for courtroom and library furniture, boardroom tables, and office and reception desks. And by the early 2000s, Arnold Contract had made yet another shift, from mass production to a more nimble approach: made-to-order.

Today, clients look to Arnold for custom solutions for federal and local government buildings, Fortune 500 companies, media leaders, law firms, financial institutions, commercial spaces, universities, professional sports teams, and the list goes on.

As Arnold celebrates its 60th year, company priorities remain in place: family, sustainability, and diversity.

Arnold Contract continues to be run by Arnold family members like Glenn Arnold, son of co-founder Julius Arnold. The 65,000 sq ft facility in Irvington, NJ-  where all projects are designed, built, and assembled- sits just a few miles from the Arnold original shop. Arnold remains an environmentally-friendly choice for clients in the Northeast, shipping 60% of their business to New York City, just 15 miles away.

The staff employment length among Arnold’s team of 75 is an average of 17 years. Arnold is also privileged to employ a number of women and first-generation immigrants from Central and South America, Asia, and all across Europe in a variety of roles.

It’s a significant moment for this family business. Arnold Contract has been through many iterations over the years, and the company has found itself in the right place for 2022. Here’s to the next 60.

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About Arnold Contract

Since 1962, Arnold Contract’s bespoke engineered furniture solutions have been built in New Jersey and utilized in commercial, corporate and institutional spaces across the United States. Arnold is committed to crafting each client’s specific vision for conference tables, reception units, private offices, courtrooms, media centers, and more. Our clients enjoy the advantages of working with a long-established family business, including personalized service, flexibility, and customization. Every day, Arnold serves clients with unique contract furniture solutions of enduring quality and style.