Armadillo Celebrates People, Planet and Philanthropy during B-Corp Month

Armadillo & Co: Sally Pottharst and Jodie Fried

Armadillo, the renowned Australian rug brand, is proud to champion sustainability this March in honor of B Corp Month. As a B Corp certified company, Armadillo upholds the organizationā€™s rigorous standards for performance, accountability and transparency. Armadilloā€™s dedication to sustainability as a B Corp certified brand manifests in three key pillars:

PlanetĀ – Sustainability lies at the heart of Armadillo’s ethos, encompassing a commitment to preserving the planet. As a carbon-neutral company, Armadillo diligently works to combat climate change and minimize its ecological footprint.

PeopleĀ – In line with B Corp certification requirements, Armadillo prioritizes inclusivity and equity for all stakeholders. This commitment is underscored by Armadillo’s recognition as a ‘Great Place To Work’ in the US in 2023 and its notable second place ranking in the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Best Places to Work’ List within the consumer goods category the same year. These accolades highlight Armadillo’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment that promotes the health and well-being of its workforce.

PhilanthropyĀ – Armadillo actively supports causes aligned with its mission to positively impact both people and the planet. Through theĀ Armadillo Foundation, the brand collaborates with charitable organizations across various sectors, including education, poverty relief, climate change mitigation, sustainability, and environmental conservation. Among Armadillo’s esteemed partners are the KVM School in India, Stars Foundation in Australia, Girls Inc. in the US, and the Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School in Nepal. More details can be found inĀ Armadilloā€™s 2023 Impact Report.