Arcadia Launches Flipside Modular Benches, a Fusion of Simplicity and Adaptability

Arcadia turns modular benching on its head with its latest collection, Flipside. The inspiration of renowned designer Gemma Bernal, Flipside offers a refreshing take on traditional benches by infusing modern touches with functional – and surprisingly comfortable – design elements.

Drawing upon the concept of minimalism, the series features a slender profile and open metal frame that are at once sophisticated, yet convey a playful energy. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, its inherent craftsmanship is evident throughout, from the tailored stitching to the finely-honed connection points and wood accents.

Comprised of two, three or four-unit modules that can be specified with bench seats or a combination of benches and tables, Flipside also offers the flexibility to create modular configurations via straight and 90-degree connecting tables. Benches are available with or without backrests and are offered fully upholstered or with elegant wood accents for an elevated look, allowing for effortless integration into diverse settings ranging from corporate offices and educational institutions to healthcare facilities and hospitality venues.

“When designing, I always like to find some gesture, idea, or form that gives character and personality to a product,” explains Gemma Bernal. “In this case it was simplicity. What sets Flipside apart is its minimalism and lightness, which allows it to have its own character without competing with the environment that surrounds it.”

Gemma Bernal

While unassuming, the collection is also designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Seat cushions feature built-in suspension webbing, while back cushions have just the right amount of passive-flex. Together, these elements make for a pleasant seated experience no matter how short or long the stay. Optional accessories include integrated power units, which can be placed on tabletops or discreetly tucked beneath seating units for on-the-go charging needs.

With its clever design, effortless adaptability and enduring comfort features, Flipside offers a fresh perspective on bench seating. Whether specified in collaborative areas, touch-down spaces, educational settings, or hospitality environments, the collection provides limitless possibilities for creating inviting configurations and enriching spaces with a modern, dynamic appeal.

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About Arcadia:

For more than forty years, Arcadia has been dedicated to new product development and a breadth and depth of high quality seating and table solutions for large and small companies alike. Dynamic in environments ranging from corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality and retail spaces to government institutions, airport and club lounges, and more, Arcadia’s product collections are introduced each year at NeoCon and remain on display in its permanent showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

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